Greenwich Street Theatre

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 05/12/06 04:02:42 PM
Address: 547 Greenwich Street
New York, NY    10013

Location: Greenwich Street between Charlton and Vandam
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Closest subway: 1,9 to Houston. South to the theatre.

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BecauseHeCan  | Open: 06/09/06 Close: 06/25/06
From the Pulitzer-nominated author of Wings, Nine and Oh Dad, Poor Dad... comes an erotic thriller for a wireless world. BecauseHeCan, directed by Nicholas Cotz, turns information into a deadly weapon, warning us against the toxic mix of technology and obsession in this riveting sexual-psycho-cyber-drama. "...the suspense of this sharply written drama is unrelenting."- The Village Voice.
Four Women: A Play in Four Monologues  | Open: 02/05/06 Close: 02/28/06
FOUR WOMEN addresses four problems of love, loss, control, and destiny in four unique stories.

The first monologue of the evening, Dixie Glitter, finds its protagonist drunk and forced into accepting the memories and mission of Carry Nation, the infamous campaigner for prohibition.

In the Deep South, the second monologue traces the story of Celeste and her brave hopes that survive the Depression and failed love.

Next, an African-American physics professor named Charlotte struggles with the exactitude of science and the unknown boundaries of faith in the face of unspeakable loss.

The final monologue comes from a thirty year-old Texas firecracker named Trumpet Vine who finds herself stuck between a ticking biological clock and a ready and willing Middle-Eastern lover who has very specific ideas about her future.

Boom! Love at the End of the World  | Open: 02/10/06 Close: 02/11/06
As a twisted Valentine's treat, The Drove Theatre Co. brings you: The End of the World! An evening of original short plays about love under the most inconvenient of circumstances: The End of the World. Raw, risky, edgy. . . and adorable. With works by Don Nigro, Mark St. Germain, Eric Walton, Dean Imperial, Rhett Rossi, Pat Swearingen, Mike Hampton, Noah Barkley & others, and featuring performances by Reyna de Courcy, Curran Connor, Shannon Convery, Chris Drescher, Mike Hampton, Kate Kenney, Monica Mason, Rhett Rossi, Pat Swearingen, Eric Walton & other Drove members and guests.

TWO NIGHTS ONLY: FEBRUARY 10th and 11th at 8 pm!

Anton  | Open: 01/10/06 Close: 01/29/06
"Anton," while based on actual events, also employs scientific research in child development to tell the story of the life of Anton Chekhov and the family tensions that inspired his work and his well-known characters. Chronicling the last four years of Chekhov's life as he moves from ecstatic lover to frustrated husband to disappointed father and finally to a man facing his own mortality, the play examines the role of intellect and culture to affect man's ability to change and find happiness in everyday life.
The Lady Cavaliers: Signature Stories  | Open: 12/01/05 Close: 12/18/05
THE LADY CAVALIERS: SIGNATURE STORIES is comprised of 5 short plays. Each work is an action-packed historically inspired look at women, who long before the women's liberation movement and feminism, were strong, self-reliant, protector of rights--role models for today's modern women. MRS. GARRUD'S DOJO is comedic marital duel about a woman's fight for her right to vote; THE TRUNG SISTERS is based on the heroics of two ancient female freedom fighters from South East Asia; 'TWAS TWO TO A GRAVE expose the lives of two infamous female pirates of the Caribbean, Anne Bonny and Mary Read; CONTESTANT 325 , a solo piece about Helena Meyer, the Jewish-German fencer who became a political pawn between the US and Nazi Germany during the 1936 Olympic Games; and finally the satiric A SILENT EXCHANGE is a hilarious mime about the unprofessional behavior of a pair of dueling movie stars.
Arcadia  | Open: 11/06/05 Close: 11/20/05
Tom Stoppard's engaging tale is equal parts mystery, comedy, and romance, set in two different time periods. In 1809 England, the roving eye of a rakish tutor causes him to be challenged to a duel, while his 13-year-old charge may have discovered the ultimate fate of the universe. Meanwhile in the present day, scholars pour over faded records to uncover what really happened nearly 200 years earlier. The stories from past and present echo and intertwine, as all involved search for hope and meaning in literature, in science, in art, and in each other.

The production is an Equity Showcase


Idioglossia  | Open: 09/21/05 Close: 09/25/05
When a hermit dies, three psychologists go to her cabin to study her daughter, who has never seen the outside world and speaks a language of her own. Ethical boundaries are crossed when one of the doctors fall in love with his subject and begins a physical relationship with her.

The source play for the film NELL, in its New York premiere - revised by the playwright for AMTC. Some material not suitable for children.

The Jungle Book  | Open: 04/01/05 Close: 05/15/05
The lush sounds and sights of the jungle are evoked in ways that are uniquely theatrical. Defiant and proud Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves, is coming of age in the jungle-a place where he both does and does not fit in. Bumbling Baloo the bear (played by artistic director Stephen Michael Rondel,) slick Bagheera the panther, and wise Kaa the snake teach Mowgli the laws of the jungle through story and song. When Mowgli learns that it is his destiny to battle the ferocious tiger Shere Khan, he is faced with the challenge of a lifetime. Will he defeat Shere Khan to protect his community, or will he retreat to the village? Join us for this exciting adventure in which differences are celebrated and imagination runs wild!

Strongly recommended for ages 6 and UP. INFANTS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED

Tales Of The Lost Formicans  | Open: 03/03/05 Close: 03/13/05
A quirky, comedy about aliens and suburban humans, Tales of the Lost Formicans is a play that explores dysfunctional family life, chaos and change. Cathy, a single mother, recently divorced, has to leave New York to return to her parents' home in the suburbs of Colorado, with her rebellious teenage son in tow, because her father is beginning to lose his mind. Once she arrives there, she encounters a group of unusual characters including: her old childhood friend, a man obsessed with conspiracy theories who is attracted to her, and her own disintegrating family. Aliens appear throughout the play to narrate and explain the behavior of the humans to the audience.