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No One Asked Me  | Open: 08/08/14 Close: 08/22/14
A new play by Kate Ballen, inspired by the true stories of undocumented immigrant NYC high school students.

NO ONE ASKED ME delves into the turbulent world of “undocumented” students.  Each year over 65,000 students without legal immigration papers graduate from high school in the U.S.  Daniel, Alyssa, and Sophie are Bronx high school seniors hopeful for their future—yet without a social security number, they are unable to get college financial aid, legal employment and live in constant fear of being “found out” and deported from the only home they have ever known.  NO ONE ASKED ME is an insider’s look at the intimate human struggle behind the current political debate in Congress around the Dream Act. 



Novaya Zemlya Or A Strange New Land  | Open: 08/10/13 Close: 08/23/13
The dysfunctional Apartov clan experience sex, love and American migration in this fairy tale romp. After winning best play at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival, the Apartov family is heading to Fringe. Join them in their idyllic Ukrainian village for hearty helpings of vodka, Russian roulette and Chernobyl-sized foodstuffs.

*Special appearances by Baba Yaga, Roseanne and a wandering bear.

The Shelter Presents: Art  | Open: 04/18/12 Close: 04/29/12

The Off-Broadway theatre company The Shelter – a family of writers, directors, actors, and designers who collaboratively develop original works for the New York stage – will present the world premiere of their newest work, THE SHELTER PRESENTS: ART.            

Among all creatures on this earth, art is a uniquely human activity. In THE SHELTER PRESENTS: ART, four playwrights track the journey of the artist and examine art’s role in the human experience. This exploration spans time and genres, and in true Shelter style, produces a seamless blend of comedy and drama.                                    

“THE SHELTER PRESENTS: ART explores the journey of the artist from the birth of art in mankind to the birth of art in the individual man. From hope to desolation, THE SHELTER PRESENTS: ART examines the need to create and how it affects the relationships we have with our fellow human beings," stated The Shelter Co-Artistic Director Meghan E. Jones.The four short plays are:

• Michael Sean McGuinness’ GLYPH – a cave comedy about the origin of the artist and his struggle to survive, directed by Catya McMullen. The cast of GLYPH will feature Alec A. Head, Chris Cardona, Andy Hassell, and Tania Verafied.

• Meghan E. Jones’ MARK MAKES ART – a play that examines two struggling parents whose child is creating brilliant, yet emotionally unsettling drawings, directed by Paco Lozano. This two-hander will feature Beth Jastroch and Dave Lankford.

• Michael Bernstein’s play ROBOT GIRL envisions a dystopian future, where a lone street artist calls out over airwaves searching for other signs of humanity in a lifeless, robot-automated world, directed by Beth Jastroch. The ROBOT GIRL cast will feature Olivia Killingsworth.

• Ginger Kearn’s THIS IS A PLAY ABOUT ARTISTS launches two self-righteous artists at one another, creating an absurdly funny – and unexpected – romantic conundrum, directed by Nicole Rosner. THIS IS A PLAY ABOUT ARTISTS will feature Ian Bell, Ginger Kearns and Michael Kingsbaker.

The Shelter will also work with several local New York artists to create a large spectrum of art, spanning many disciplines. Art will be on display at the theatre, a different guest artist will create an original piece of art during each performance, and performance art designed by Melinda Smart will be integrated into the overall production.

The design team for THE SHELTER PRESENTS: ART is lead by Jonathan Ashley, Creative Director of The Shelter, and includes Jake Fine (lighting) and Andy Cohen (sound).


About the Company: The Shelter


The Shelter (theshelternyc.org) - under the guidance of Co-Artistic Directors Meghan Jones and Michael Kingsbaker and Executive Director Dave Lankford - is a family of writers, directors, actors, and designers creating authentic theatre for the New York stage. All productions are written, directed, acted, and designed by its members and are developed through the company's weekly Shelter Sunday workshop series. The heartbeat of The Shelter, Shelter Sunday provides a safe harbor where New York's top emerging theatrical artists can collaboratively challenge themselves to explore their artistry and hone their respective crafts.

Through its productions, The Shelter strives to connect with patrons seeking innovative, independently produced theatre with a focus on character-driven storytelling. Past productions include:  FAIRY TALE, seen earlier this season, and called “bold, creative and exciting,” by NYTheatre.com; NIGHT WINDOWS (2011), a trio of one-act plays inspired by Edward Hopper's 1928 painting of the same name; F***ING CHRISTMAS (2010), an assortment of short plays, each providing a singular view of a joyful, sorrowful, ridiculous, and endlessly complex holiday; MOTEL (2010), eight short plays set in the same lone motel room, somewhere in Middle America; and 3:56 AM (2009), nine short plays set in an apartment building on the Lower East Side between the hours of 3 and 4 AM.

Goldilocks And The Three Polar Bears  | Open: 08/14/11 Close: 08/26/11
Goldi snapshotPart of FringeNYC!
That little brat
with the fabulous hair is at it again, but this time she’s found herself in the Alaskan tundra facing off with a family of Polar Bears.Neversatisfied with what she has, Goldilocks adds coal tothe stove untilthe bears’ house melts away to nothing!If Goldi doesn’t learn to do her part for the larger family, she’ll be the one outin the cold.

From the creators of ‘Jack and the Soy Beanstalk,’ (Bogard & Seals) comes a new feel-good musical adventure for parents and kids of all ages. With a rock-n-roll, pop and R&Bscore, Goldilocksand the Three Polar Bears featuresmultiple styles of puppetry and a cast oflive singing and dancing performers. Goldilocks herself is a sassy Muppet-puppetwithenough attitude to cover two continents!

Jerrod Bogard -  Director
Sky Seals -  Music Director
Robert Tomasulo -  Orchestrations
Brianna Linnehan - Stage Manager

Lia Menaker*, Lindsay Naas, Johanna Weller-Fahy*,     Okieriete Onaodowan*, Sky Seals*
(appear courtesy Actors Equity Association)

Goldilocks poster

Jennifer McDuffee - Scenic Artist/Painter
Jennifer Linn Wilcox -  Lighting Design
Sabrina Khan -  Costume Design
Maria Colaco -  Choreography
Goldilocks Puppet built by Jay Tyson (DrPuppet.com)
Dominic Lynch - percussionist

About the Company: Wide Eyed Productions

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

Before Your Very Eyes  | Open: 05/18/10 Close: 06/13/10
Set in the anxious landscape of September 11th and inspired by the haunting idea of learning something you wish you never knew, BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES is a mystery about the personal truths revealed by a global tragedy.  When Kate’s husband returns home covered in dust and ash, she thinks the worst is behind them, but she ends up learning more about him than she ever imagined.  Can they go back to the way it was…before?  Or is the truth too impossible to ignore?

RABBIT HOLE ENSEMBLE, recently lauded as “riveting” by The Village Voice, is pleased to announce the world premiere of BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES written and directed by Artistic Director and NYIT Award Winner Edward Elefterion.  The production plays from May 18th through June 13th with an opening scheduled for Thursday, May 20th at the Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center at 107 Suffolk St.  The production schedule is Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.  Tickets are $18 and available with more information at RabbitHoleEnsemble.com.


Much Ado About Nothing  | Open: 04/16/10 Close: 05/01/10
In his comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, the Bard weaves an intricate tale of love and deception. There is the sweet, forthright love of Hero and Claudio set against Benedick and Beatrice’s sizzling battle of wits. There is Leonato’s gleeful plotting to spark a romance between Beatrice and Benedick and the cruel hoax contrived by Don John, to plant suspicion, dishonor Hero and spoil the marriage. As described by director, Jefferson Slinkard, “This play is an entertainment. It is a celebration of life and love.” In Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare’s characters summon up love, honor and faith to avert tragedy and inspire the heart.

Cast includes: Bryan L. Cohen, Andrew Eisenman*, Erin Gilbreth*, Tara Henderson, Jack Herholdt*, Ross Hewitt, Natalie Doyle Holmes, Marcus Denard Johnson*, Betina Joly, Damon Kinard*, Graciany Miranda, Clint Morris*,Mary Riley, Evan Scott Schweitzer* and Cheri Wicks. *denotes member of Actor’s Equity.

Spermalot: The Musical  | Open: 08/21/09 Close: 08/26/09
Written by David Brooks, John Cisar, Larry Mahlstedt, Kevin Spire, Amy Stanwood, Karen Swanson, Thatcher Williams. Music & Lyrics by David Brooks & Karen Swanson.

Coming to the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival, a production of The Present  Company --

The Change Co-Operative presents: SPERMALOT: The Musical

The multimedia puppet musical from Iowa takes a prolific and pompous poke at American sexuality and human reproduction as a parody of the Knights of the Round Table.

The Lady of the Labia sends Sperm Arthur, King of Spermatagonia, and his Sperm Knights on their quest to create a union with the most holiest of holy grails - the Ovum, the fount of the future.

Along the way, the Sperm Knights overcome obstacles beset in their path, including: a seminal tsunami, the leap of faith from prepuce to purpose, and brothers battling brothers. Once on the other side, they must crusade against Green Knight Chlamydia, Red Knight Aunt Flo and Black (Jedi) Knight SamJack. Before their quest is complete they must pass the final test of the over-protective Cervix, of which there can be only one triumphant.

Think of it as “Avenue Q” meets “Camelot” meets Sex-Ed Class.

Is it a bit sophomoric? Sure!

Is it a bit offensive? It’s a bit more than a bit!

Is it funny? Funny? Be prepared to wet your panties!

SPERMALOT cast & crew

  • Arthur, King of Spermatagonia Darit Phoung Brown
  • Sperm Lancelot, the Brave Josh Rinderknecht
  • Sperm Lionel, the Queer Larry Mahlstedt
  • Sperm Beefeater, the Inebriated Kyle Phillips
  • Sperm Expendable, the Dim David Brooks
  • Ova Eggevere, The Holy Egg Amy Burgmaier
  • Lady of the Labia Anita Holland
  • Little Man in the Boat Anita Holland
  • Aunt Flo, The Red Knight Larry Mahlstedt
  • SamJack, The Black Knight Hiawatha Rutland
  • Chlamydia, The Green Knight David Brooks
  • Cervix, Guardian of the Ovum Anita Holland
  • Puppet Master Morgan Beary
  • Costumes Karen Swanson
  • Choreographer Lorainna Nedved
Reader  | Open: 08/15/07 Close: 08/26/07
Reader tells the story of a censor forced to confront the sins of his past when a mysterious unfinished manuscript turns up bearing an uncanny resemblance to his life. Suddenly, the future is dictated by every word he allows.

One Year Lease will be rehearsing Reader during their summer residency in Papingo, a small village in northern Greece. It is the third play in Ariel Dorfman's The Resistance Trilogy, a trio of provocative plays that One Year Lease is producing this summer in Greece and New York City. The Resistance Trilogy includes: Death and the Maiden, which OYL workshopped in New York before presenting at the Theatro Imeras in Athens in June 2007; Widows, being staged in villages in Northern Greece in July 2007; and Reader, debuting in New York City as part of the NY International Fringe Festival in August 2007.

Get Out of Jail Free  | Open: 08/11/07 Close: 08/24/07
In a world where love is illegal, Agent #3931254 attempts to apprehend a young couple. Though making this arrest will lead to a major promotion, the Agent ultimately learns what it means to have lived a life of imprisonment.
The Taming of the Shrew  | Open: 06/14/07 Close: 06/30/07
"The performers are confident and facile in their Elizabethan tongue, and
well-versed in the bawdy brutality of the Bard."
The Villager

"Performed with style, intelligence and most importantly, emotional honesty."

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW is a play within a play, a piece of theatrical entertainment staged for Christopher Sly, a poor drunkard who is tricked into thinking himself a lord,a man with all the comforts that money and wealth and privilege can offer: a sumptuous home, fine food and drink, obedient servants, a submissive wife who dotes on him, and his own poor band of actors who perform plays for his enjoyment.

As a ramshackle, vaudeville THE TAMING OF THE SHREW unfolds, complete with actor-produced music, sound effects, presentational backdrops and unforgiving footlights, Sly doses off. The cast of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW begins to slowly take over the "home" of their sleeping patron, and the love story between Kate and Petruchio, the hidden play inside the slapstick, comes into full focus. Hipgnosis Theatre Company's production of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW is a meditation on love, the theatrics it demands from us and creates in us, and the nature of what it means to be truly rich.

Percussive dance troupe COBU ignites the stage with its distinctive blend of traditional Japanese Taiko drumming and American funk tap dance in ICHIDA NYUKON, translated as "One Beat. One Soul". The young, cutting edge Japanese ensemble presents a visual and musical feast for audiences of all ages. Using Japanese Taiko drums, African djembe drums, thick wooden drumsticks, hand-held wooden clappers and samisen (Japanese banjo), the group of seven women and two men, sporting dynamic traditional and modern costumes and dramatically dyed hair, take the audience on a journey through the senses with their highly charged performances.

Creator and Director Yako Miyamoto has starred in the Off-Broadway hit STOMP for the past six years and is the lead performer in the Peggy Spina Tap Company. She began her Taiko drum studies in Tokyo at the age of eight. In 2000, she created COBU, which is translated as "Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing", to pay homage to her Japanese heritage and the soul and beats of her new home, New York City. Pairing traditional Japanese Taiko drums with African djembe drums and American funk tap dance allowed Ms. Miyamoto to bring two cultures together in an amazing whirlwind of excitement, joy and harmony.

No knowledge of Japanese or English is necessary to enjoy the experience! For all ages.

Measure for Measure  | Open: 06/15/06 Close: 07/02/06
A contemporary setting focuses this production around all-too-present concerns: why does freedom frighten us? Why do we long for security, and leadership, in a world that can never promise either? Measure for Measure is as fresh, insightful, funny and troubling today as it was four hundred years ago.

Measure for Measure features Erika Bailey*, Demetrios Bonaros, Nick Brooks*,
Kate Dulcich, John Kevin Jones*, Francis Kelly*, David Laufgraben, David
Look, Elizabeth Mirarchi, Julian A. Rozzell, Jr.*, Adelia Saunders, Wayne
Alon Scott*, Sarah Sokolovic*, Justin Steeve, and Rachel Tiemann (* denotes
member of AEA).

Bunnies, Part I  | Open: 05/26/05 Close: 06/11/05
"Bunnies, Part I" is the first installment of a two-part comedy based on the true story of Mary Toft, an English peasant woman who had her entire country convinced she was birthing rabbits.
Written largely in blank verse, the play reimagines a 1726 tabloid scandal in a postmodern world of superheroes and talking objects. "Part I" follows the struggles of Mary and John Howard, the small-town midwife who champions her cause despite his own ethical misgivings. As the farce escalates, the play confronts the consequences of our need to believe in something extraordinary.
breedingground productions is mounting "Bunnies, Part I" as their mainstage show at their Spring Fever Festival '05, which also features four other full productions, three readings, two short digital films, and visual art installations. For more information, go to www.breedingground.com.
A Spalding Gray Matter  | Open: 05/27/05 Close: 06/11/05
This new play explores the curious story of Spalding Gray's illness, disappearance, and assumed suicide through the eerily parallel events of the author's own experience. Using the theatrical structure of Gray's Swimming to Cambodia, Michael seeks to understand what happened to Spalding Gray as a way of understanding what is happening to himself, and vice versa. The result is an intimate, confessional environment for a gripping story about the consequences of illness on the human psyche.
Spring Fever Festival 2005  | Open: 05/25/05 Close: 06/11/05
A three festival of independent performance, visual, and digital arts
MASK AND CAPE: Stories from the other side of human  | Open: 02/15/05 Close: 02/20/05
A night of five original one-act plays examining what it means to be human through the eyes of the Super Powered.

Written and Directed by Tina Cesa Ward

Written by Colin P. Delaney and Directed by Tina Cesa Ward

Written by Colin P. Delaney and Directed by Louise Gallanda

Written by Colin P. Delaney and Directed by Louise Gallanda

Written and Directed by Tina Cesa Ward