Csv Cultural Center

Todays Date: 07/02/22
Last Update: 07/23/08 01:44:58 AM

Address: 107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY    10002

Location: West Side of Suffolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets
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Closest subway: F to Delancy Street, walk east to Suffolk, north to theatre

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FACE (Every Good Boy Does Fine)  | Open: 08/08/08 Close: 08/24/08
A rebellious mix of live music and unscripted theatre. The onstage band drives the story. The cast twists the narrative in new directions each night. Provacative. Spontaneous. Comedic. "Enchanting" - the L Magazine.

"FACE Improv's performance at the Galapagos Art Space screamed of talent overload, with music, laughter and spontaneity pouring out the door of the tiny space ... as the musicians embellished each minute of the show with their equally theatrical and relevant jazz." - The Fordham Observer

12th Night of the Living Dead  | Open: 10/25/07 Close: 11/11/07
From Impetuous Theater Group, the company behind pool-riffic SWIM SHORTS 3: ARE YOU IN? and the hit comedy THE CHRONOLOGICAL SECRETS OF TIM, comes a new twist on Illyria. When a strange meteor smashes into a ship en route to Illyria, the bodies pile up as fast as the romantic complications. Will true love prevail? Can a zombie be made to understand the affairs of the heart, without eating it? Or will the fools of Illyria never live to see another dawn? Find out what happens when one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies meets George Romero's seminal zombie-filled horror Night of the Living Dead?

12th NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD stars Aaron Zook* (Orsino), Shashanah Newman (Olivia), Lindsay Wolf* (Viola), Reyna de Courcy (Olivia's Sister), Timothy Cox (Sir Toby Belch), Ben Fine (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Erin Jerozal (Maria), Larry Giantonio* (Feste), Tom Knutson (Malvolio), Will Schminke (Fabian), Neimah Djourachi (Captain), Alex Pappas* (Curio), Joe Mathers (Valentine), Michael Bottomley (Sebastian), and Brendan Bradley (Antonio). The design team includes Rachel Gordon (lighting), Lilli Rhiger (costume), Ryan Dowd (sound), Sally O'Malley (makeup), Janet Zarecor (assistant makeup), Joe Powell (puppet design) and . Sarah Locke serves as the stage manager.

Riding the Bull  | Open: 08/11/07 Close: 08/24/07
A love affair between a devout rodeo clown and a hellraising rancher leads to Graceland, prophetic sex, and cows that rise from the dead in what nytheatre.com called "a charming and unconventional look at the nature and definition of belief."
Flux Theatre Ensemble is thrilled to remount their 2005 production of August Schulenburg's critically acclaimed play, Riding the Bull. Originally developed at Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and then presented at Theater for the New City, Riding the Bull went on to be published in the New York Theatre Review as one of the outstanding Off-Off Broadway shows of the season.
Hamlet  | Open: 05/17/06 Close: 05/25/06
The multi ethnic cast reflects the true eclectic mix of cosmopolitan reality of the modern world. Reverence for the timeless element of Elizabethan prose is evident in the slight adaptation reflected only in the running time (2 hours 20 minutes including a 15 minute intermission.)
Knowing Bliss  | Open: 04/26/06 Close: 05/13/06
The story concerns an adopted young Afro-American woman and scholar whose confusion about her bigoted Southern family will not permit her to get on with her life. She blames her white "mother", a successful actress and free spirit who was too caught up with her career to adequately explain her daughter's real roots to her. In an effort to reconcile with her daughter, the mother agrees to accompany her on an unusual anthropological expedition to the Anasazi cliff dwellings in the Southwest. Enduring the hardships of this mystical journey enable the two women to finally know each other and a dark secret from the mother's past is revealed
Fountain of Youth  | Open: 03/03/06 Close: 03/25/06
Fountain of Youth - Better than Botox but harder to find
Silence Is Health / Silencio es Salud  | Open: 02/22/06 Close: 03/05/06
Silence Is Health / Silencio Es Salud is a site-specific play abour the pressing issues of human rights and accountability. Custom-designed for the Neo-Gothic, six-floor former school (built in 1898,) the CSV Center's imposing corridors and high ceilings of the are a spine-chilling, omnipresent character. In the midst of our fast-paced, individualistic society, the play zooms in on an ambitious TV reporter, her arrogant husband and her ingenuous cameraman. A whirlwind of dreadful events catches up with their seemingly ideal lives, dissolving their apparent freedom right in front of the audience's eyes. How guilty are we of what happens around us? How much can we trust others? How much can WE be trusted? What is the price of our "safety"?
Massholia - A New Rock'n'roll Musical Comedy  | Open: 05/06/05 Close: 05/21/05
A new Rock ‘n Roll musical comedy about unrequited love, diehard Red Sox fans, disgruntled pilgrims, conniving Salem Witches, President John Kerry, John Kerry, Jr., a magical turkey and the year Massachusetts secedes from the Union. Follow the musical journey of a poor kid from Fall River, as he searches for the key to winning the heart of a blue-blood girl from Cambridge and ventures through the new country of Massholia.

directed by Kevin Scott