Loading Dock Theatre

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 02/27/22 05:33:11 PM

Address: 170 Tillary Street
Brooklyn, NY    11201

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A new psychological horror play with an original, immersive “dark noise” and “doom electronics” sound design following a female solider re-integrating into society after multiple tours in Iraq.

Inside Jesse, they are building something. Tormented by subdermal machines and disillusioned amid a flood of conspiracy theories, paranormal visions and traumatic events, Jesse tries to build normalcy and a purpose for herself in America. With an original electronic music score, War Dreamer explores the impact of new technology within the mental landscape of a soldier struggling for a cohesive reality, jumping between the past, the present, and the delusional without explanation or warning. When do both belief and fantasy become essential to survival?

Written by Leegrid Stevens who co-directs with Jacob Titus, the cast of seven includes Shawn Davis, E. James Ford, Sam Tilles, and E.B. Treadway, as well as Poppy Luch, Rowan Luch, and Ruby Titus, who are rotating in the role of young Alex.

About the Company: Loading Dock Theatre
Loading Dock is a Brooklyn-based company committed to the creation and production of original theatre that explores the extremes in the human experience. We produce emotional, character-driven shows with an experimental edge. As a company, Loading Dock has earned 2 Drama Desk nominations, 9 Innovative Theatre Award nominations and 4 Innovative Theatre Award wins. We create big plays, like: A woman on a solo mission to Mars (Spaceman), Family memories coming alive as a malfunctioning 8-bit video game (The Dudleys!), transforming our small loft into an investment bank (Ms Julie, Asian Equities), seeing through the eyes of young woman with a damaged mind on a farm in 1950’s America (The Twelfth Labor) and the Trojan War told through the lens of an Texas high school in the 80’s (Trojans). We also produce Forklift, a monthly reading series in our space where we invite companies, playwrights and theatre-makers to use our space for staged works-in progress.