Collective Unconscious

Todays Date: 06/29/22
Last Update: 12/19/06 02:40:54 PM
Address: 279 Church Street
New York, NY    10013

Location: West side of Church Street at White Street
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Take the 1 or 9 train to Franklin Street or the N.R. Q or 6 train to Canal Street

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Turning Tables  | Open: 09/28/06 Close: 10/15/06
TURNING TABLES draws on real life experiences and explores how our first impressions color our interaction with other people. This fast paced comedy uses only five actors to tell the story of life in the restaurant business, filled with illicit hook-ups, warring co-workers, and outrageous customers all the while shedding a hilarious and humane light on the basic interactions between server and served.
Breuckelen  | Open: 01/27/06 Close: 02/18/06
Just another open mic night at just another Brooklyn dive bar: poetry, music, $2 PBRs. A blogger chats up a Brooklyn witch until she unveils a branch from the original Washington Square Park hanging tree. Ghosts from Brooklyn's past appear, spin their tales, and gradually take over the entire bar. You know, just another open mic night.

Breuckelen is about the convergence of old Brooklyn and its gentrified present. The ghosts of the play are of the many lives of the city's rich and mostly forgotten past.

An Equity showcase
Running time: 90 Minutes

Breuckelen  | Open: 01/27/06 Close: 02/18/06
"Breuckelen" is a darkly comedic tale about the convergence of Brooklyn?s gentrified present and its mostly forgotten past. Blogging hipsters, political witches, Dutch widows, Russian squatters, sapphic socialites, Prohibition-era bootleggers, and public-access TV stars are just a few of the characters in the checkered story of this broken land. During an eventful open mic night in a local Brooklyn haunt, these tales collide in a comic evening of poetry, music, performance, and supernatural apparitions. Y?know? just another open mic night.

An Equity Showcase

Venus In Furs  | Open: 09/30/05 Close: 10/16/05
Venus in Furs is the story by von Sacher-Masoch detailing his suprasensual fantasies so infamous that the word masochism was coined by the German psychologist Krafft-Ebing to sum up his dirty deeds.
Bringing It all Back Home  | Open: 09/08/05 Close: 10/11/05
Mr. McNally's one-act play delves into the culture of a family afflicted by everything that war brings: isolation, questions of sexual identity, family values, fear, the cult of celebrity, exploitation and a growing sense of the devolution of society.
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors  | Open: 08/18/05 Close: 08/28/05
One Armed Man presents the world premiere of Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, a tragicomedy by Adam Klasfeld, at FringeNYC. Set in a fictional town in Arabia, the play follows a middle-aged writer who gets shot in the arm outside of his house, leaving him an amputee. But nobody believes that his arm is missing, fracturing his entire reality. His only source of safety from future attacks comes from an old stone wall supervised by a short but crafty elf, whose job is to tear it down. An oblique commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it examines how the fear that terrorism generates can be almost as debilitating as its carnage. Set design generously provided by Artists Paint for Peace.
Poet. Playwright. Actress. Lover. Pulitzer Winner. Breadwinner. Jazz Age Heroine. Sexual Revolutionary. Wife. Daughter. Drinker. Greenwich Village Citizen. Pacifist. Activist. Celebrated. Vilified. Beloved. Notorious. Remembered. Forgotten? Not if she has anything to say about it. Tonight, she speaks to you.
no alarms (headfullofradio)  | Open: 07/21/05 Close: 07/29/05
A high-speed trip through a world of technology, complacency, greed, and fearmongering that is modern-day America.

Inspired by the art and music of Radiohead, no alarms follows various protagonists through a series of episodes, each one inspired by a track from OK Computer. As it explores the concept of alienation, each episode focuses on people who are locked in a struggle to retain their vitality in a complacent world. The show is a fusion of physical theatre, music, and dance that has been constructed through a collaborative process involving all members of the company.

Couplets  | Open: 05/05/05 Close: 05/22/05
Shakespeare's Sonnets Spoken and Sung by Modern Lovers

Six friends speak the Bard's words as they cruise, stumble and skid through weddings and funerals, passionate outpourings and nasty hangovers. A new play, with music, COUPLETS celebrates Shakespeare's universal words by reminding us they still resound today.

Serenade & Philosopher Fox  | Open: 02/03/05 Close: 02/27/05
Two one-act dark comedies. Thinly disguised as animal fables the play follows the character of fox, a charismatic natural born killer with a conscience.

In Philosopher Fox, on his way through the woods, Fox crosses paths with a Bishop taking a "breath of fresh air on a bench." Seeking spiritual guidance, Fox attempts to hustle the clergyman into hearing his confession and granting him an indulgence – but the Bishop's total silence demolishes Fox's confidence and unleashes a crisis of faith with troubling consequences.

In Serenade, the self-confessed murderer attempts to seduce the "hens" of a local henhouse with sweet music and rebel angst, under the beak of an overprotective "rooster."