A Secret Brooklyn Location

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 09/28/21 05:44:15 PM

Address: At the corner of Beard St & Conover St

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Assemble Guerrilla Audio Show  | Open: 10/01/21 Close: 11/05/21
Assemble is a guerrilla, choose-your-own-adventure performance that transforms the mundane spaces of a well-known store in Brooklyn into a series of worlds, fantasies and meditations.

Participants download an app to their phones and are invited to join Jane as she considers the cost of her choices. At 40. Amidst a global pandemic.

Participants are prompted to navigate and interact with the store through a series of choices and tasks. The resulting experience is part immersive theatre, part audio tour and an entirely unique experience for each person. The show is individual and physically distanced; proof of vaccination may be required.