Chocolate Factory

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 05/30/10 05:28:42 PM
Address: 5-49 49th Avenue
Long Island City, NY   

Phone: 718-482-7069
Location: between Vernon Blvd. and 5th St

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Get Mad At Sin !  | Open: 05/27/10 Close: 06/05/10
Get Mad at Sin ! "is one of the most hard hitting messages to the youth of America that you have ever heard before. This message pulls no punches, it tells it just like it is, dealing with the problems of entertainment, rock and roll music, sex, and a host of other problems that beset our youth today - It seems 'the big guns of hell' have been turned upon the sins of our youth to steal, kill and destroy.

"Jimmy Swaggart, in this dynamic message, deals with these problems and thousands of young people all over America have been touched by the Spirit of God and lives have been changed under this sermon. We believe the message of Jesus Christ and His power to save is the only message and power that is going to save this lost generation.

"Your sons and daughters, mother and dad, need to hear this message and even though you may not be able to be in the meetings of this preacher, you can be there through this album taped live in Van Buren, Arkansas, at the First Assembly of God. You can almost see the crowd of 1,500 that jammed the auditorium to capacity. You can feel the heart throb of souls, many that were in darkness and were saved that night."

Washing Machine  | Open: 06/22/07 Close: 07/07/07
At times wondrous and whimsical - at times savage and harrowing - WASHING MACHINE is playwright Jason Stuart's bracing and lyrical new solo performance piece. Michael Chamberlin directs this one-woman show starring Dana Berger that traces the mysterious death of a 5-year-old girl inside a small town Laundromat washer and the community that wrestles with the consequences of the tragedy. Inspired by actual events.

Starring Dana Berger. Movement by Brendan McCall. Sets by Akiko Kosaka. Lights by Ben Kato. Sound by Elizabeth Rhodes. Costume by Amanda Bujak. Stage Management by Laine Goerner.

FIST IN THE POCKET is a bold new theatre company developing work that is fierce, funny, visceral and elegant. We brew live performances that are a mixture of the traditional and the bizarre. Through intimate performance and impeccable design, we craft gritty & humorous portraits of outcasts and misfits in sublime situations of hilarity and heartache.

Someone in the Ghost Box Told Me It Was You  | Open: 02/23/06 Close: 02/25/06
Entrapment, surveillance, love, suicide and psychosis are just some of the subjects of this new performance by Temporary Distortion.

Piecing together shattered memories, Victor begins to realize he may have murdered his lover on a subway platform. But is there actually another force at work that feeds off of Victor's darkness and confusion?

Gun Play: The World's First Live-Action Video Game  | Open: 01/12/06 Close: 02/04/06
GUN PLAY is a celebration of firearms as they are represented in American popular culture. Drawing parallels between real violence and imagined violence, the performance will recreate the world of 3-D first-person-shooter videogames on stage while integrating videogame footage using high-tech video and computers. The audience, wearing headphones (Quake Convention style), watch the gun and gamer world come to life with an all-star cast of real-life gun relevant personalities like Hunter S. Thompson, Ted Nugent, William S. Burroughs and John Carmack (the guy who made Doom & Quake who is personally responsible for major advances in 3d graphics), et al. The cast plays videogames, manipulate realistic weaponry, and step into the shoes of real life personalities.
The Gut Girls  | Open: 07/17/05 Close: 08/07/05
The "gut girls" of Deptford, England, circa 1900, are rowdy, boisterious, have mouths like sailors and are as strong as they oxen they gut. By day they are up to their knees in freshly slaugthered and animal entrails, but in the evenings they are their own women, financially independent to a degree rare for young working-class women in Edwardian England. Enter Lady Helena, an aristocrat on a mission to teach the gut girls some manners and get them employed as domestics. The result is a total surrender fo their indenpendence, spirit and way of life
The Architecture of Sight  | Open: 05/19/05 Close: 06/04/05
Environmental theatre at its most complete and potent, The Architecture of Sight is a noir tale set in an abstracted, surreal 1940's New York where The Chocolate Factory has been transformed into a seedy speakeasy. Nick Blank is a photographer who has placed the lens between himself, his life and the woman he loves (a woman he has never seen outside of a photograph).

Spiraling down into despair, Nick tries to escape himself at the Café Amnesia where a series of sideshow acts enable him to forget.but only for a fleeting moment. When he is forced to confront his fragmented memory he has to solve the puzzle of his life only to find out he doesn't like what he discovers!

Scored by the off-kilter jazz/Klezmer/Weill sound of Uncle Moon, Architecture is a multi-media event designed to activate all of the spaces at the Factory and of the audience's senses, in its use of staging, image, film and sound. The gallery of the theatre will serve as the entryway to Architecture and will feature the stunning images of Alice Attie ("The Changing Face of Harlem")

It's About Time  | Open: 04/21/05 Close: 05/14/05
Fusing text, movement, video installation, and electronic musical compositions, IT'S ABOUT TIME is a multimedia meditation on the obstacles that both block and lead one to discover true bliss.

IT'S ABOUT TIME centers on Bang, a young man who hates his job and his nonexistent love life. Tired of running through life blindly, Bang commits himself to the strict, dogmatic life strategies prescribed in a self-help program called "The Praxis of IT." He believes that IT is about time. That, IT is all he needs. If Bang can just master his schedule and accomplish the goals he sets for himself, he knows that he can perfect a plan for success. But can he devise a plan for happiness?

The Maids  | Open: 03/17/05 Close: 04/09/05
Staged at a very creepy 5,000 square foot warehouse turned art space, The Maids eerily goes inside the disturbed minds of two servant girls (played here by two men) plotting the murder of their haughty mistress. Impersonating the grating qualities of the Madame, the two girls all too realistically, role-play how they are going to do the deed in a dangerous mise-en-scène. After the Madame returns from the police precinct supporting her monsieur for a crime that the maids framed him for, they incompetently try and realize the game they had been playing and finally kill her. When they fail, unbeknownst to Madame, the game takes a dangerous and unexpected turn!