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Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Address: 217 East 42nd St
New York, NY    10017

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Long Distance  | Open: 08/09/07 Close: 09/01/07
LONG DISTANCE consists of three short plays. In SKINCARE, Amy's little sister went off to college and caught leprosy; in VISITORS, Meredith's parents won't ask for directions and don't know an ax murderer when they see one; and in FLUSH, Lisa's mom will get out of her mammogram even if she has to break the laws of space and time to do it. These funny and frightening plays ask us: how do you protect a loved one from a chaotic universe?
The Chalk Boy  | Open: 07/18/07 Close: 07/29/07
collectiveP.A.S.T. @ chashama presents nationally acclaimed theater company The Management (Joshua Conkel & Courtney Sale, Co-Artistic Directors) as it unveils its new dark comedy The Chalk Boy, written and directed by Joshua Conkel.

The Chalk Boy is a deathly black comedy about measuring your own worth by comparing it to everyone else's. Sparks fly when four teenage girls in small town Washington begin to obsess over the mysterious disappearance of the most popular boy in school. Witchcraft, murder, and shopping ensue as the girls draw a ghostly picture of American culture and its values. The cast features Mallery Avidon, Mary Catherine Donnelly, Jennifer Harder, and Courtney Sale.
Dark Of The Moon  | Open: 06/15/07 Close: 07/07/07
Thirsty Turtle Productions modern retelling of this theater classic explores the relationship between sexuality and the power of religion in America. Set deep in the Appalachian mountains, DARK OF THE MOON is a timeless tale of magic, fate and doomed romance. From the moment the audience hears young Barbara sing the lyrics to her favorite song about a young witch boy who falls in love with a mountain girl, they know that the future of the two young lovers will not be good. Despite the fact that their fate has been decided, that they are forever stuck in a history that seems to cycle like the refrain of a song, the characters in the play, as well as the audience watching, cling to the hope that perhaps just this once things will turn out all right. And if they don't, at least there is a lesson to be learned.
Peasant  | Open: 05/03/07 Close: 05/27/07
Peasant tells of one family's heartwarming search for the American dream. In 1926, three black-clad Italian sisters come to America with visions of electric light and Jesus and the fate of the family packed in their bags. A Dracula-loving nine-year old wants to know how they got there. As the sisters' journey unfolds, they realize that you can leave one place for another, but that you carry everything with you.

Dale Heinen directs.

"Ferrara's ability to bring [these characters] to life is impressive...painful, touching and real"-- American Theatre Web

"Ferrara is at her best...the characters come alive with an accent, a gesture, and a stance" --

Hustler, WI  | Open: 01/23/07 Close: 02/11/07
Hustler, WI is the crooked tale of a lonely man looking for treasure in the modern streets of New York City. In the play, a young man from the Midwest, recently out of the service relocates to New York City and makes an unlikely acquaintance with a clever pimp and a Southern streetwalker.

The show, written and directed by Michael Scott-Price, is a live performance inspired by such films as Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, Mean Streets and Dog Day Afternoon.

Cast: Ali Stover, Anthony D. Stevenson, Mike Keller

Sound: Asteroid B612 Theatre Company and Daniel A. Krause
Set: Bill Pierce
Costumes: Michele Davis
Lighting: Joyce Liao

Fenway: Last of the Bohemians  | Open: 11/03/06 Close: 11/19/06
It's 1986 and conservatism is sweeping the nation. On a small hippie commune, Fenway and his fellow refugees from the sixties are doing their best to ignore the outside world. When their revered, exiled leader re-emerges as a "born-again conservative" with a young Republican trophy wife in tow, chaos ensues. Can the ideals of the Aquarian Age stand up to the glitter of Reaganomics? This world premiere by the award-winning playwright Kelly McAllister (Burning the Old Man, Last Call) & Lisa Margaret Holub is a modern spin on Chekhov's Uncle Vanya that wrestles with the eternal struggle of green versus greed.
Clocks and Whistles  | Open: 05/04/06 Close: 05/21/06
"CLOCKS AND WHISTLES" centers around Henry, an introverted young man who's making the first tentative steps toward considering himself gay. Despite this, he remains infatuated with his best friend Anne, an aspiring actress who's as outgoing as Henry is shy. When Henry develops a strong attraction to the hedonistic and free-wheeling Trevor, they begin to see each other--until the bisexual Trevor meets Anne and the two begin a secret affair. Confronted by this betrayal, Henry finds himself caught between his interest in Trevor, his deep feelings for Anne and the fear of losing both of them forever.
Wounds to the Face  | Open: 04/26/06 Close: 04/29/06
Written in 1994 and rarely seen in the U.S., Wounds to the Face is a combination of timeless stories that are forced together in order to produce feelings of outrage and pity at the conditions this mask we call identity imposes on our lives. What do we mean by ‘losing face'? What if this were literal? Are we heading towards a future where faces are simply a commodity, interchangeable—where a new face can be chosen as we now choose a new piece of clothing? The performance given here by Room5001 Theatre jumps boldly into an investigation of these questions—it is fresh and tragic, creating an environment where there is NO protection from the everyday terrors we do not allow ourselves to face.
Catholic School Girls  | Open: 03/09/05 Close: 03/13/05
"I have eyes in the back of my head! Jesus Christ put them there Himself!" Catholic School Girls is a satirical memory play that follows the lives of four girls from Grades 1 through 8. The story humorously & poignantly explores what it means to have come of age Catholic & female during the turbulent and liberating 1960s. The nuns are either tough or mentally addled, the girls are alternately best friends and bitter enemies, and the references to their families are full of allusions to the abuse and everyday neglect that, during the time in which the play is set (1962-70), was deemed acceptable behavior.
V-DAY New York  | Open: 02/16/05 Close: 02/17/05
Benefit readings of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" will be presented
Wednesday and Thursday February 16 and 17 at 8pm

The reading on Wed., Feb 16th includes optional monologues "My Short Skirt"
and "They Beat the Girl out of me...or so they tried".

On the 17th, the reading includes optional monologues "The Memory of her Face" and dancer Tasha Antulov. Post-show wine and cheese receptions will follow each reading, at the theater. Each performance of The Vagina Monologues will feature a different cast.

This benefit production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" is part of the V-Day 2005 Worldwide Campaign. All proceeds will go to Break the Cycle, a 501(c)(3) organization empowering youth to end domestic violence, and OWFI, Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq.