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Todays Date: 09/29/22
Last Update: 10/13/19 04:07:25 PM

Address: 3 Bleecker St
New York, NY    10012

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THE CATASTROPHE CLUB  | Open: 10/18/19 Close: 11/22/19
The Catastrophe Club invites you 500 years into the future to examine the early 21st century just before the collapse of civilization as we know it. The world of 2520 is sanitized, organized, in relative peace and safety, and because public gatherings are forbidden, isolated. However, some of our distant descendants have begun to ask questions. They have crept out into public to meet in an illegal recreation room to peer into our past and consider what it meant to alive in 2019.

Produced by Christopher Domig, Janelle Garcia Domig and Sea Dog Theater

The cast features Sue Kim, Dan Kublick, Cassandra Nwokah, Rachel Towne, and Stewart Walker.

Audience members will enter the world of the play on the day of the show, when they will be emailed the location of the secret meeting point which is a short walk (2 minutes) from Bleecker & Lafayette. From there they will be given the venue’s location. (Please note that the venue is not handicap accessible and there is one flight of stairs.)