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The Closet Bitch  | Open: 05/31/17 Close: 08/30/17
The Closet Bitch" follows actress Shana Solomon's desperate struggle to please everyone in her life "but" herself ... while trying not to fall apart in the process. This raw, unapologetic, one-woman dark comedy finds Solomon playing 19 characters in 80 minutes. She'll take you on a highly relatable journey onstage at New York's Playroom Theater. Watch as she spills scandalous secrets and tells totally true embarrassing tales, all as she attempts to come out of her shell and shake off a life-long fear of offending others.

This production includes strong, explicit language and sexual content. Parental guidance is advised.


Shana Solomon, is a writer, producer and an award winning character actor known for her TV roles on Law && Order SVU, Steven Spielbergs and Ed Burns Public Morals, HBOs Newest Comedic Series Divorce, Starring Sarah Jessica Parker and her recurring role on NBCs Shades Of Blue Starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta.

Solomon is also starring in the upcoming films, The Big Sick a comedy starring Ray Romano and Kumail Nanjiani and Crown Heights with Keith Stanfield. She also co-wrote, produced and starred in an award winning short film, Cool Kidz, about inner city bullying in the Bronx.

Shana created, wrote, and plays 19 different characters in THE CLOSET BITCH.

Solomon says, I was always afraid of speaking up and offending people with my thoughts and opinions and saying no because I was afraid of making them uncomfortable and being called a Bitch. But as soon as I heard someone call me a Closet Bitch, which is a person whos afraid to be themselves and strong in front of people, I said, I might as well do what makes me happy and speak my truth because Im going to get labeled one way or the other. I rather be labeled a strong willed and powerful woman who doesnt take anybodys crap. Society usually calls this kind of woman a bitch, so I decided to give it an acronym, B.I.T.C.H. (a Bold Individual who Thinks Confidently of Herself). Hi fives and fist taps to all my B.I.T.C.H.s out there!