Rothko Studio

Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 06/14/19 06:38:55 PM
Address: 222 Bowery
New York, NY    10012

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AFTERPARTY: THE ROTHKO STUDIO  | Open: 06/27/19 Close: 06/30/19
Afterparty will explore downtown artists, peeling back their stories to reveal multiple layers of NYC history before the former studio is converted into commercial space later this summer.

Peculiar Works Project’s creative team is designing an intimate, promenade journey through the historic architecture and artistic legacy of the building. Along the way, multi-disciplinary performances will reinterpret the legendary art parties attended by artworld luminaries—Jasper Johns, John Giorno, William S. Burroughs, Eve Hesse, Jonas Mekas, Roy Lichtenstein, LeRoi Jones, Diane DiPrima, Sol LeWitt, Andy Warhol, and more—against the backdrop of Rothko’s struggle between achieving success and selling out. Audiences and performers will sit around a table together in the paint-splattered space and experience a theatrical conjuring of artistic ghosts whose impact echoes till this day.

Directed by Ralph Lewis, choreographed by Rachel Cohen, composed by Maria Dessena, adapted by Barry Rowell, dramaturg Barbara Yoshida, story by S.M. Dale, and concept by Kim Depole & Catherine Porter. Produced by Peculiar Works Project.