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Todays Date: 07/02/22
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Address: 734 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY    11216

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MEDUSA VOLUTION  | Open: 02/07/19 Close: 02/24/19
Expressed through grotesque storytelling, the Japanese Dance of Darkness (Butoh), and a chorus of women representing the feminine archetypes born from the Medusa myth, Medusa Volution places Medusa front, center and on trial; presenting a vivid enquiry into the maligned Monster Woman. The trial sprawls through time, calling for the testimony of contemporary women as well as their mythological sisters, like Salome and Eve. As we explore the narratives of so many women, we redefine the stories of their power, agency and pleasure; making visible how we may be complicit in one another’s oppression and how we might support one another’s liberation. Today, can we look Medusa in the eyes?

Devised by (and featuring) Chandler Eliah Eason, Julia Cavagna, Julia Gu, Kayla Juntilla, Irina Varina, and Gabrielle Young.


With set and costume design by Katerina Marcelja, lighting design by Sarah Lurie, and sound design by Liz Stanton. Stage management by Christina Schmidt.

About the Company: Samieva Theater

SAMIEVA THEATER tells stories that are widely resonant on an instinctual level. We peel back the layers of human behavior and expose power constructs, searching for identity and consciousness through metamorphosis and transcendence.


To evoke visceral connection with our audience, we use techniques often considered “avant-garde” or “experimental”, even though they are ancient in origin. The raw power of this alternative approach creates deep connections with audiences, including those that are not regular theater goers. It is exciting and unexpected.