Tato Laviera Theatre

Todays Date: 11/17/19
Last Update: 06/07/19 11:06:56 AM

Address: 240 East 123rd street
New York, NY    10035

Phone: 2128684444

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WIZARD OF OZ  | Open: 06/29/19 Close: 01/11/20
"The Wizard of Oz: A Jazz Musical for All Ages" is a magical experience 
for young (and young-at-heart) audiences. The production is based on 
MGM’s classic motion picture, with its timeless score and eternal 
allegories, and is enhanced by jazzy arrangements.  It follows John 
Kane's adaptation for the Royal Shakespeare Company, which is based on 
the book by L. Frank Baum, with brilliant songs by lyricist E.Y. ("Yip") 
Harburg and composer Harold Arlen. The cast is multi-racial and features 
Latino, Black and Asian actors, fulfilling Yip Harburg's vision of a 
multicultural universe. Presented by Harlem Repertory Theater and Yip 
Harburg Foundation, directed by Keith Lee Grant.