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That's Not How It Happened  | Open: 10/14/18 Close: 10/27/18
Colleen Hindsley grew up in an Irish pub with her 5 siblings and larger-than-life parents. Now she tells stories featuring family legends, unreliable memories, sketchy boyfriends, spiritual healers, several show tunes, and just maybe even a little bit of truth. Presented by FringeNYC.

Multiple performances 10/14 -27, 2018:

10/14 (Sun) 6:00 pm
10/19 (Fri) 4:15 pm
10/21 (Sun) 8:30 pm
10/26 (Fri) 2:15 pm
10/27 (Sat) 6:30 pm

Colleen Hindsley is a writer and storyteller in NYC. She has been featured on podcasts including: Risk! Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons, and Tales in the City. She performs in live productions all over NYC and is making her Fringe NYC debut this year.

ESCAPE  | Open: 10/20/18 Close: 10/27/18
In the aftermath of a violent incident onboard a commercial jet, an Airline CEO and Flight Attendant fight to control the narrative of a news cycle in free fall. When the incident crosses over from news ticker headline to twitter #trending, the two women discover how fraught with turbulence the internet can be. ESCAPE paints a timely picture of the temptation to pursue power, by any means necessary, and the human need to solidify our own relevance in a world that is changing quicker than we are. 

The cast includes Rhonda Ayers (i origins – Sundance 2014, Law and Order SVU), Deya Danielle Drake (The Good Fight, Royal Pains), Marlowe Holden (The Feast/The Flea), Jim Thalman (16 minutes/Independent Film), and Chris Wight (Member of Ensemble Studio Theatre).