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In this poignant one-woman show Lisa reflects on a life changing experience that put her on the path to career success, but took advantage of her still-developing sense of self and timidity in the face of sexual pressure from a trusted mentor. In SIMPLE MATH, Lisa explores the complex equation behind sexual assault, acknowledges that “i” exist(s), and finds healing at the end of a confounding calculation.

Part of The New York International Fringe Festival

THE CHURCH OF ST. LUKE IN THE FIELDS  | Open: 10/13/18 Close: 10/28/18
A new play about three strangers in the park who can’t find their way home written by Jim Shankman (2015 FringeNYC “Best Playwright”). 

The Church Of St. Luke In The Fields is a play about a pair of NYC high school kids who desperately need to fall in love and a solitary old man who is looking to bury his past. They meet not entirely by chance one evening on the grounds of The Church Of St. Luke In The Fields in Greenwich Village. As they fight through their loneliness and the fear of intimacy, they help each other in unexpected ways, uncovering unsuspected connections and a past they didn’t know they shared.

Mr. Shankman directs a cast of three including Nelson Avidon (Motherless Brooklyn, dir. Edward Norton), Lilli Stein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” 2 seasons), and Alex Hazen Floyd ("Blue Bloods," Season 8).

AMONG THE FURIES  | Open: 10/17/18 Close: 10/27/18
During a sweltering night at a Southern McMansion house party, two couples from vastly different upbringings meet to discuss a prospective job opportunity. Curt formalities evolve into unexpected revelations, and as they begin realizing they may have more dangerously in common than they originally thought, each couple attempts to keep their secrets in the past.  A new play about secrets and social class written and directed by David Scala.  A cast of four includes Trevor St. John-Gilbert, Claire Ganshert, Shawn Thomas Diefenbach and Yani Mari.

Among the Furies is a full-length, one-act play which had its world premiere at the NY Summerfest Theater Festival in August 2017, where it won Best Play, Best Actress, and Best Set Design out of 86 productions in the Festival.


HEY '90S KIDS, YOU'RE OLD  | Open: 10/16/18 Close: 10/27/18
Calling all '90s kids! 

What if our favorite '90s characters had to grow up, like we did? This award-winning nostalgic sketch comedy play celebrates the last true decade by blending '90s pop culture with the present. What if the Midnight Society still told stories? What if you started using your CD Player again? Where is Waldo, anyway? Hey ’90s Kids You’re Old will bring you back to yesteryear, but will also examine what it means to be a ’90s kid in a post ’90s world. Winner of Toronto Fringe 2014 Patrons' Pick and NYC Frigid 2015 Audience Choice!

"A perfect complement of high energy, topical humor, and memorable TV theme-song homage" - NY Theatre Guide

Hey '90s Kids, You're Old is part of FringeNYC and has five showtimes available: 

OCT 16 at 7:15PM
OCT 18 at 9:30PM
OCT 20 at 3:30PM
OCT 24 at 7:15PM
OCT 27 at 7:00PM

Venue: The Fringe Hub, 685 Washington St New York, NY 10014, USA (Charles street intersection)

Price: $22

Purchase online only: 

I FAVOR MY DADDY  | Open: 10/12/18 Close: 10/27/18
Called "a natural raconteur" by the Washington Post, Jamie Brickhouse returns to the NYC stage with the world premiere of I Favor My Daddy at Fringe NYC 2018. It is Jamie's (voices on Beavis and Butthead; 3-time Moth Slam champ, New York Times published author) follow-up to his critically-acclaimed and award-winning solo show, Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother. That show was about Jamie’s drinking and sexuality, and his Texas tornado of a mother Mama Jean. I Favor My Daddy is about Jamie’s father Earl aka Daddy Poo and his drinking and sexuality. “With this show, I’ve flipped the artistic process,” says Brickhouse. “I wrote and published Dangerous When Wet the memoir first. This time, I Favor My Daddy the show, will come out before the book.”

Daddy Poo is an octogenarian, ribald Catholic conservative accepting of his son’s homosexuality and arrested alcoholism, but is he in denial about his own? After he dies suddenly Jamie begins to realize that the constant postmortem refrain of the folks in town—“You favor your daddy,”—is true from his skin down to his marrow. Is Jamie all the things Daddy Poo was, but didn’t quite become: gay, alcoholic, writer? Is Jamie the full-blown version of Daddy Poo?

Critical Acclaim for Dangerous When Wet

“The show is as stylish as his slick sport coats. . . Brickhouse is a natural raconteur whose sharp writing defines the piece. . . the entertaining Dangerous When Wet must be one of the most polished one-man shows at Fringe this year.” —Washington Post

“So polished it almost feels too big for the Fringe...Brickhouse [has] a vocal range finely calibrated to the unique needs of each beat...he writes with fiendish pith.” —San Francisco Chronicle

Audience Choice Award WINNER 2017 FRIGID Festival New York

“BEST BET” 2017 FRIGID Festival New York: Theater is Easy

“BEST OF 2018 CAPITAL FRINGE:” DC Theater Arts Scene

“BEST OF” &” SOLD OUT” Awards San Francisco Fringe Festival 2018

 “Hilarious…[and] dark... [Jamie is a] top teller.” —TimeOut New York

uproariously funny…absorbing…masterful timing…insightful.” –St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Thoroughly entertaining.” —Theater is Easy

“Stunning performer.” —NY Theater Guide

Breath-taking…a must-see production.” —DC Metro Theater Arts (5-stars)

“Jamie holds the audience in his thrall the entire time.” —DC Theatre Scene


I WANT A COUNTRY  | Open: 10/20/18 Close: 10/27/18
I Want A Country, is a theater performance where the characters have lost their country - in a geographical and/or ideological way. Believing there is no escape from their current state, they map their time ahead declaring a New Country. Their inability of reaching a consensus on a variety of issues begs the questions: Have we reached a political turning point? Can democracy be enough?

Part of The New York International Fringe Festival

The diverse cast features Jessy Donn, Joy Donze, Sarah Folkins, Alexandra Gellner, Lamin Leroy Gibba, Kevin Gonzalez, Olivia Konteatis, and Simon Winheld.

In keeping with the festival spirit, this year, all audience members will meet at The FringeHUB, 685 Washington Street (Between Charles & Perry) and will be walked to the theatre by a Fringe Ambassador. All theatres are within 3 blocks of the FringeHUB.

THE WAR PARTY  | Open: 10/14/18 Close: 10/23/18
It’s 3 am on election night. Campaign headquarters is outfitted for a huge celebIt’s 3 am on election night. Campaign headquarters is outfitted for a huge celebration, but the room is dead quiet. Laura Smith, the Republican incumbent and supposed favorite, lost her Senate race in a landslide. Suddenly without friends, and drunk as a skunk, Laura is thinking of cashing it all in…that is, until one of her loyal and spunky interns, Jesse, rescues her from the brink of disaster and wrestles her, quite literally, back to political life. With the uninvited ghost of FDR, THE WAR PARTY is a modern political parable about our broken two-party system. 

Written by Vincent Delaney

Directed by Don Stephenso

Part of the New York International Fringe Festival

The cast features Jennifer Piech as Laura Smith (Titanic, The Ride Down Mount Morgan, original Broadway casts), Odelia Avadi as Jesse (Diary of Anne Frank, Azalea Path/MITF), and William Youmans as FDR (Carousel-2018, Wicked, Bright Star, original Broadway casts).

DEVICES OF TORTURE  | Open: 10/13/18 Close: 10/22/18
DEVICES OF TORTURE follows four dominatrixes as they navigate their daily work, life, and relationships in the days following the 2016 election. Love isn't the only thing that hurts.

Skeleton Rep(resents) is proud to present DEVICES OF TORTURE a new play by Caroline Bennett, directed by Ria T. DiLullo as part of the New York International Fringe Festival - FringeNYC. 

Featuring Olivia Jampol (AJAX, The Flea), Miranda Poett (Whatchamacallit: A Play about Jesus), Isabella Jane Schiller (Garbage Person Karaoke, Capital Fringe), and Miranda Noelle Wilson* (Ryan Raftery’s Titans of Media, The Public).

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association 

About the Company: Skeleton Rep(resents)

We at The Skeleton Rep want to create and explore modern myth.
We want to use the bare minimum needed in addition to the human instrument to tell these stories.
We need others to do it with us.
We can show great things given a script, actors, and a space.  We can experience even bigger things when that script asks those actors to reach up and out to their roles, rather than drag the parts down and in. We need a space to explore.  We choose to believe that whatever space we may have, it is perfect for what we are about to do. Let us solve the problems of the script together, using body and space as often as possible.  Let us figure out how to demonstrate what might seem impossible.
The goal is to create new work and present it honestly, with purity and expression through the body.  When we make theatre together with fulfilling, challenging, and interesting roles that also push us past ourselves, we strengthen our community and the theatre cannon, by adhering to what is most rich, most communal, and most articulate. 

ONAJE  | Open: 10/13/18 Close: 10/21/18
Set against the backdrop of the Cambridge race riots on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in July 1967, ONAJE is an exploration of buried secrets and the journey through the darkest of human souls. This new play is set in two worlds: the open road of the 1980s, and a burning neighborhood in 1967, where a young man, his family and his soul come face to face with the crushing hatred of racism. ONAJE is a journey to understand the past and find a way forward toward a new future.

Written by Robert Bowie, Jr.

Directed by Pat Golden

Produced by Susan Conover Marinello

Part of The New York International Fringe Festival

STRIKING OUT  | Open: 10/16/18 Close: 10/21/18
A gay baseball musical comedy with book and lyrics by Adam Levin and Ryan Ford and music by Ryan Ford.  Adam Levin and Ryan Ford direct a cast of 14, including Tina ArfaeeParker CallahanRyan Cashman, Ben Cummings, Marcus Haugen, Hannah Ingle,  Jesse Kendall, Ryan Livingston, Shelby Quinn, Rence, Kyle RyanLauren Summers, Jordan Wilson, and Alex Young.

Baseball: It's America's pastime, a time-honored tradition, and, of course, it's gay as hell. Part Damn Yankees, part Hairspray, this musical comedy tells the story of the first straight baseball player in a world dominated exclusively by gay athletes.

Striking Out was created by two comedians (Adam Levin and Ryan Ford) who moved to Chicago to study at the city’s legendary improv theaters. Like all great artists they took day jobs as bartenders in a corporate sports bar. Being forced to watch hours upon hours of ESPN, they noticed a theme of hypocrisy in professionals Sports ripe for satire. After two successful runs at The Annoyance Theatre, Striking Out was recently accepted into the NYC Fringe Festival.

STRANGER THAN A RHINO  | Open: 10/12/18 Close: 10/20/18
A contemporary reimagining of Ionesco’s Rhinoceros with themes of race, culture and xenophobia, written by Robert Siegel.  William Roudebush directs a cast of eight, including Vick Krishna, Jeremy Lister, Barbara Matovu, Amanda McCallum, Leslie Lynn Meeker, Charles Rubey, David Shakopi and Scott Zimmerman.

A director with a reputation for restaging classics takes on Ionesco’s Rhinoceros turning the play inside out to reflect current societal fears of Muslims. A neophyte lands the role of the protagonist. Another cast member begins to wonder about his stake in this play. As rehearsals progress and the new Rhino emerges, the tension between cast and the play, especially our mysterious neophyte, brings the play to a startling conclusion about our recent past.

This is in no way an adaptation. It is a tip of the hat but a wholly original absurdist farce/drama,” stated playwright Robert Siegel.  “The subject is so serious that the only way I could come at it is to try and make an audience laugh at first, then ask themselves what they’re laughing at, and hopefully think about our history and place in the world.”


TURING TEST  | Open: 10/13/18 Close: 10/20/18
TURING TEST is a riveting sci-fi thriller about life, death, and creation. A poet, on the wagon and soon to be a father, makes a deal to wipe away his debts. All he has to do is teach a young man, locked away as part of a secret government experiment, how to write a poem. But what happens when that secret no longer wants to be kept? TURING TEST is a millennial allegory for the trials of both parenting and coming of age, while also evoking the grace of making art in a fallen world.

Written by Dominick DeGaetano

Directed by Taylor Edelle Stuart

Part of The New York International Fringe Festival

The cast features Rick Busser (The Tempest/Classical Theater of Harlem), Elizabeth Chappel (Uncle Vanya/Columbia University), Finn Kilgore (MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), and Noelle Lake (Marvin’s Room/T. Schrieber Studio Theatre).