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THE MORTALITY MACHINE  | Open: 01/10/19 Close: 02/24/19
Sinking Ship Creations in association with Acronym Presents and Wildrence will present the World Premiere of The Mortality Machine, an immersive theatrical experience created by Ryan Hart, Tommy Honton, and Lara Marcin, at Wildrence (59 Canal Street between Allen and Orchard, New York, NY 10002), January 10-February 3. Performances will be Tuesday through Sunday at 7pm (dark Mondays). Tickets ($125) are available for advance purchase at www.themortalitymachine.com or by calling 917-336-9236. Discounts for students, military, and seniors are available via the Sinking Ship Creations mailing list (sign up at www.sinkingshipcreations.com). The experience will last approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, with no intermission.


In 2014, five people died in an illegal medical experiment in a Canal Street basement. Before their families could learn what happened, the incident was covered up: buried under a mountain of legal procedures and sealed behind a web of police tape. No one knew how those five people came to participate in the experiment, or what they were doing; only that it cost them their lives. Some of their survivors moved on. Some fell apart. A handful kept fighting, and after five years, they’ve finally won the opportunity to unseal the laboratory, and learn what took their loved ones from them. When you enter the world of The Mortality Machine, you’ll take the role of one of those survivors, venturing into basement for the first time. And what you’ll find defies science and hope.


The Mortality Machine is an immersive theatre experience that combines live-action-roleplay and site-specific dance. Participants assume the roles of surviving family members of loved ones who died in a medical experiment, and must not only solve the mystery of their deaths, but confront their own attitudes about mortality and loss. No two experiences of The Mortality Machine will be the same.


Content Warning: The Mortality Machine contains depictions of medical procedures, death and grieving, partial nudity, mild sexuality and profanity. It is not suitable for children under the age of 18.

About the Company: Sinking Ship Creations

Sinking Ship Creations is the place to turn when you need a tragedy, an epic, or just a life a little less ordinary. We focus on live-action roleplay (LARP) as the medium for stories; a semi-theatrical experience where the actor is the audience. Part game, part improv, LARP allows us to experience tales more fantastic than our own world, while experiencing a range of human emotion and narratives. We envision a place where storytellers can produce wealth of stories, supported by our team and the community as a whole. Previous productions include Annals of the Passing Age, Project Ascension, and Escape From Marseilles. www.sinkingshipcreations.com.

Six Impossible Things  | Open: 10/25/18 Close: 12/15/18
New York: World Renowned Magician, Joshua Jay’s hit show, Six Impossible Things, the first-ever experiential close-up magic show, will return to NYC this Fall after successfully selling out its summer run. Directed by Luke Jermay, Six Impossible Things will reappear at New York City’s most exciting storytelling space, Wildrence (behind the Blue Door @ 59 Canal Street) beginning October 25 and run through December 15, 2018. Tickets are $106—$156 and can be purchased at SixImpossibleThingsShow.com.

Six Impossible Things  | Open: 06/01/18 Close: 06/28/18
World Renowned Magician Joshua Jay, will present the first-ever immersive  close-up magical experience,  with his newest creation, Six Impossible Things, directed by Luke JermaySix Impossible Things will inhabit New York City’s most exciting storytelling space, Wildrence (59 Canal Street), for a limited run beginning June 1, opening June 9 and will only run through July 28, 2018. Tickets are $106—$126 and can be purchased at SixImpossibleThingsShow.com.


Performing for only 20 people, Joshua Jay’s Six Impossible Things moves audiences through several rooms where a new mystery unfolds to reveal an impossible “thing”. During the course of 75 minutes Jay will attempt to read thoughts, manipulate decisions and even alter taste buds in the first and only immersive close-up magic show.  The six astounding magic effects, are all original creations of master magician Joshua Jay. The artwork throughout the space is created by celebrated artist Serge Block.