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Todays Date: 11/26/22
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Address: 312 West 36th Street
New York, NY    10018

Phone: 212.563.6269
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LedaLeda  | Open: 03/29/20 Close: 03/29/20
LedaLeda is a funeral oration, an enacted eulogy, for the artist’s late sister, Leda Papenfusscline. Following an imagined connection with a dead sibling, this play offers many approaches to death, minimizing the power of narrative in favor of repeated ritual and honest reflection. In an attempt to make art that goes beyond “therapy theatre,” the artists interweave death with story and memory, working through ancient myth, humor, pop culture, personal experience, and spiritualism. Time, like grief, is not a linear process. Humans have desperately mythologized their experience for centuries in order to avoid realizing there may be no sense at all in the cycles of violence that surround us. Death lacks remedy: there is nothing to learn.

more info here: https://thetanknyc.org/calendar-1/ledaleda

tickets here: https://tinyurl.com/unpbnr3 

COOKING WITH KATHRYN  | Open: 08/17/19 Close: 08/17/19
Critically Acclaimed Dark Comedy Treat, "Cooking with Kathryn," Joins Ladyfest for One Night Only in August!

NEW YORK, NY - Kate Owens’ award-winning, fearless comedy, “Cooking with Kathryn,” joins Ladyfest on August 17th. Follow a down home, liquored-up, southern belle as she stumbles her way to her own birthday party with more wine in her veins than Jesus. Kathryn rewards her party guests with an easy peasy egg-bake cooking demo…problem is, she can’t even see straight, much less teach a cooking lesson.

Kate Owens has been developing this Amy-Sedaris inspired character for the past three years. “Cooking with Kathryn” the digital series is in post-production and will be ready for you to gobble up in October 2019.

“A no-fear comedy, this show is a must see.” - PortFringe review team

“Cooking with Kathryn grabs you immediately with a fantastic premise, then pulls you along, gasping for air, as you watch Kathryn slowly dissolve into a pink puddle of repressed Southern rage.” - PortFringe review team 

“Furious, gratuitous, and moving, this might be the best show you will see at PortFringe.”- PortFringe review team

About the Company: Kate Owens

Kate Owens is a NYC-based, award-winning comedy actor, writer, and professionally trained clown known for her commitment to characters & physical comedy style. She has performed her solo show, “Cooking with Kathryn,” where she plays a repressed southern housewife, throughout NY (Solocom, The PIT, The Tank, Dixon Place, The Shitshow, Personality Test) as well as at the PortFringe Festival (Critics Choice for Best Acting) and Los Angelos (Moving Arts Theatre.) She has toured in England, Prague, and is a Gaulier-trained clown (Paris). Her sketch team, "Group Kid," performs bi-monthly at The PIT and recently headlined at the Chicago Sketchfest. In addition to comedy, Kate spent a year as an apprentice at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and has worked with Live Source Theatre Company in NY. More info at: www.kate-owens.com

Veteran improv comedy team Straight to Video will help you recover from all that time with your family over Thanksgiving with “Straight to Video Presents: The Improvised Family Drama”. Based on the suggestion of an audience member and using the tropes and clichés of classic films like “August: Osage County” and “The Family Stone”, Straight to Video will make up an entirely original hour-long movie on the spot. No matter what the audience suggests, Straight to Video promises to bring the drama (and the comedy).

Veteran improv team Straight to Video will kick off Halloween festivities with “Straight to Video Presents: The Improvised Horror Movie”. Based on the suggestion of an audience member and using the tropes and clichés of horror classics from “Dawn of the Dead” to “Rosemary’s Baby”, Straight to Video will make up an entirely original hour-long horror movie on the spot. No matter what the audience suggests, Straight to Video will bring this spooky thriller in on time and under budget.


SPEAK UP, RISE UP 2018  | Open: 08/06/18 Close: 08/12/18
Speak Up, Rise Up, now in its second year, is back with an all new storytelling festival. Over the course of a week, over 40 productions and more than 100 artists will share the stage. The festival includes a diverse line-up featuring some of New York City’s most talented storytellers, stand ups, podcasts and solo performances including WNYC's Nancy Podcast, Andrew Collin, Chelsea Davison, Ophira Eisenberg, Bobby Hankinson, Josh Johnson, Shalewa Sharpe, Gianmarco Soresi, Vanessa Valerio, Sydnee Washington, Jude Treder-Wolff, among others.

Festival showcases a wide range of topics including shows about the prison system, working at an adult video store, terrible dates, LGBTQI stories, gentrification, #MeToo movement, and being the only child in a town of 6.

Full line-up at www.speakupriseup.com

Produced by Asher Novek in association with The Tank.

Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother  | Open: 06/27/18 Close: 06/27/18
One sodomite’s showdown between the bottle and his Texas tornado of a mother Mama Jean. Jamie Brickhouse’s award-winning, critically-acclaimed solo show Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother directed by Obie Award-winning David Drake (The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me) is his alcoholic odyssey from small-town sissy to louche Manhattanite that’s wickedly intoxicating as he hits bottom and discovers he can’t escape the all-consuming love of Mama Jean. A Texan Elizabeth Taylor with the split personality of Auntie Mame and Mama Rose, she never has a thought she didn’t speak and unwittingly helps Jamie become an out, proud gay, HIV-positive man in recovery. Darkly comic, you’ll cry laughing. “Hilarious…[and] dark...[Jamie is a] top teller.” –TimeOut New York

GYPSY DANGER PRESENTS: STRAIGHT TO VIDEO  | Open: 04/25/18 Close: 06/14/18
After several years as a headlining house team at The PIT, Gypsy Danger is bringing their unique brand of improv to The Tank

Based on a suggestion from the audience, a spin of their “Wheel of Genres,” and utilizing the tropes and cliches of Hollywood, Gypsy Danger will improvise a never-before-seen movie!  Possibilities include a traditional romantic comedy, a lakeside slasher horror, a bleak Southern Gothic drama or anything in between!

About the Company: Gypsy Danger

Gypsy Danger specializes in fully committed spontaneously created live on stage movies.  With the help of an audience suggestion and a spin on their Wheel of Genres you never know what will happen.  Genres might include: Horror, Sci-Fi, Southern Gothic, Family Drama, Rom Com, Nicholas Sparks type Rom Dram, Super Hero, Noir, or Western to name a few!  They have  performed at Boston Comedy Festival, Chicago Improv Festival and NYC Improv Festival.  

Gypsy Danger is Joanna Shaw Flamm, Katie Hartman, Devin Heater, Ben Jaeger-Thomas, Evan Kaufman, Sarah Peele, and Claire Yale.