Playroom Theater

Todays Date: 10/19/19
Last Update: 09/30/19 04:12:12 PM
Address: 151 W. 46th Street, 8th floor, NYC 10036
New York, NY    10036

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The Playroom Theater,a small theater with a purpose on West Forty Sixth Street. Created by longtime theatrical producer Eric Krebs, The Playroom Theater features a 62-seat boutique theater, appropriate for rehearsals, readings, auditions, producers' presentations and workshop productions. Conceived of as an artists' workspace for writers, directors, composers, actors, producers and others committed to the professional theater arts and its industry. "The idea of The Playroom has grown out of my desire to create a small and financially manageable space in the heart of the theater district," commented Krebs. "I want this to be a place where industry professionals can pop over for a reading, a backer's audition or a small production of a work in progress."For more information on The Playroom Theater, call Adam Brunner at 212-967-8278.

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QUIET ENJOYMENT  | Open: 10/18/19 Close: 11/03/19
Today is junior manager Merry Cudlip’s first co-op closing, and she’s obsessing over every detail. But the gods of New York real estate have other ideas. When Peter Chasen arrives to turn his $5 million co-op over to his ex-wife Juliana as part of their divorce settlement, he brings his girlfriend Karma along, and that’s when the paperwork hits the fan. It’s all Merry can do (including magic incantations) to prevent the proceedings from spinning into oblivion. Her boss, the formidable Martha Pusey, is getting very, very cranky. Oh, and did we tell you Peter doesn’t have enough money to cover the closing costs?