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HELD: A MUSICAL FANTASY  | Open: 08/16/16 Close: 08/25/16
A poignant story of childhood friends growing apart in a world where reality is fluid and time can stand still, with book & lyrics by Kelly Maxwell and music by Meghan Rose.  S.C Lucier directs a cast of three, including Katie Bakalars, Alex Van Handel, and Hannah Ripp-Dieter. 

Three childhood friends, one with extraordinary powers, find themselves trapped in a place where time seems to stand still and the only way out is unthinkable. Traveling on a twisted timeline, HELD follows the three as they struggle to grow within the bonds of lifelong friendship and discover what really holds them together.  A piano, a cello, and an upright bass accompany the cast through a poetic script and a romantic score. The piece has two strong female characters and is directed by two women as well, so the show is expected to be a refreshing step forward for anyone who calls themselves a feminist.

From Composer Meghan Rose:
Our culture still doesn't tell enough stories about strong women and HELD is a story about strong women and how we allow for evolution (or don't) in our intimate relationships. Sometimes in order to process difficult emotion, we need a story and music that mirrors how we feel. Anyone who has had an intimate friendship 'break up', an unrequited love, or an inability to handle their own emotions can relate to the characters in HELD, and the music helps them express their deepest desires and fears.

A cast recording of the original Madison production is available to listen to for free at on the website www.heldmusical.com.  A professional recording produced with the Fringe cast will be released in late August.