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MIDNIGHT AT THE NEVER GET  | Open: 07/28/16 Close: 08/01/16
Featuring a sultry score fashioned after the American Songbook, Midnight at The Never Get imagines two men who never existed at a time that very much did.  Trevor Copeland (Sam Bolen) and Arthur Brightman (Mark Sonnenblick) have the perfect New York romance. That’s swell. In 1965, it’s also against the law. So in the back room of The Never Get, an illegal Greenwich Village gay bar, they put together a show called “Midnight” – a queer nightclub act where Arthur writes love songs for Trevor to sing to a man. But as they hurtle towards the end of the decade and tensions in the Village reach a breaking point, the lovers find themselves caught in a relationship they can’t control and a movement they don’t understand. 

A "NYMF @Nite" Event and an Official Selection of the 2016 New York Musical Festival