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Address: 334 Amsterdam Ave

Phone: 6464816583

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Bubby’s Kitchen  | Open: 04/28/16 Close: 04/30/16
3 Performances ONLY! Bubby’s Kitchen is the true story of one young woman’s struggle to live up to her grandparents’ incredible legacy.  The New York struggle of one cantor/aspiring Broadway star/granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor cuts straight to both the heart and the funny bone like a Ginsu knife - Shira Ginsburg shares songs and stories from her journey in this one-woman show, depicting her ties to her family's past, her financially unstable present (including odd jobs like selling Ginsu knives) and her aspirations for a musical future. 

Thursday, April 28 – Saturday, April 30 at 7:30pm (Running time is 90 minutes)

Manhattan JCC is located at 334 Amsterdam Ave.

Tickets are $22

For tickets and more information please visit bubbyskitchen.com.