Todays Date: 01/20/22
Last Update: 12/22/21 02:04:15 PM
Address: 357 W36th street
New York, NY    10018

Phone: (212) 929-2545
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Located near all 34 Street Subway Lines

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THE PORTRAIT OF AN ANGEL, A LION, A MONSTER  | Open: 01/29/22 Close: 02/13/22
The Portrait of an Angel, a Lion, a Monster, a new three-act play by California-based playwright Katrin Arefy is a timeless, intimate story of a love affair between a creative woman (Rachael Richman) and a brilliant Jewish man (Isaac J. Conner) that spans two decades and three continents. Set against the backdrop of Judaism and recent historical events, the play follows the couple who shared the resilience in the face of their fate and solace found in Judaism as they recall their life together. This is Ali Kamran’s debut in NYC as a  director. Associate director is Jennie Hughes; the production features video projections designed by Nima Dehghani.