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ENDANGERED! A Super Stormy Musical  | Open: 07/10/17 Close: 08/31/17
This summer, FineHeart Productions and The Eco Musical LLC will present ENDANGERED! The Musical.  Inspiring and fun, ENDANGERED! is a multi-cultural, international, multi-species musical about a social media savvy Kid reporter and a group of famous endangered animals from around the globe, who must survive Superstorm Beyoncé. Stranded at the zoo when the superstorm hits the city, the Kid and the endangered animals must quickly learn to understand and respect each other, while working together to save themselves. ENDANGERED! has melodies that are renewable, and harmonies that are sustainable, making this groundbreaking eco-musical uplifting and enjoyable for creatures of all ages!

GEORGIE: MY ADVENTURES WITH GEORGE ROSE  | Open: 01/25/17 Close: 04/15/17
Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose is an exhilarating story, and indeed brilliantly told. Two-time Tony® Award-winning character actor George Rose (The Mystery of Edwin Drood, My Fair Lady, The Pirates of Penzance), a bon-vivant with a flair for the dramatic and the eccentric, starred on the Broadway and London stages alongside luminaries like Katharine Hepburn, Noel Coward, Dame Edith Evans, Richard Burton, and Laurence Olivier in a storied career that met an unexpected end.  

In this giddy, humorous, and moving celebration, Ed Dixon recounts his own tale of how he came to know and admire George over a twenty-year friendship until the unimaginable changed everything. Georgie introduces us to the greatest stars of the London and Broadway stage with laughs and surprises, tantalizing anecdotes, and flashes of song and dance. Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose is as hilarious and captivating as it is poignant and powerful. An amazing journey for all who love theater.  

THE SCREENWRITER DIES OF HIS OWN FREE WILL  | Open: 11/15/15 Close: 11/24/15
The acclaimed new metafictional comedy on the art of the deal was called “overwhelmingly brilliant,” “laugh-out-loud funny,” “hilariously on-target,” “a damn good one act,” and “fascinating” by critics.

Willy Shotz is a heavyweight screenwriter. Producers kill for his stylish violence and gritty sci-fi. But Willy is facing the big deadline in the sky, which has given him a new vision of art and cinema and a new screenplay to go with it. Can he overcome the indignities of his illness to pitch his craftiest foe? Can he talk art like a man with his boyhood friend and sell this script before his expiration date? The Screenwriter Dies Of His Own Free Will is a two character metafictional comedy on the art of the deal.

Winner for the award in Overall Excellence in Playwriting at FringeNYC 2015.

Runtime: 40 minutes.