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KING OF THE HOBOS  | Open: 11/05/15 Close: 11/21/15
July 27th, 1930. On this night, a charismatic hobo named Gilly tricks a passel of strangers into attending an impromptu funeral for a prominent activist and hobo icon, James Eads How (1874-1930). A real-life heir to a wealthy St. Louis family, How lived as a hobo to bring awareness and help to homeless migrant workers, inspiring a legacy of advocacy as the founder of hobo colleges, unions, news and other groups. Performed by actor/singer/songwriter Jara Jones on a homemade cigar-box guitar in an immersive setting, King of the Hobos examines hobo culture as well as the Depression-era hardships and social ideals which still resonate throughout our nation today.

“I was drawn to the idea of combining my love of folk-rock with the examination of transient culture due to my unique history as a child of a migrant worker,” states playwright Jara Jones. “My mother and grandmother emigrated here from Mexico and worked the fields picking strawberries. Their harrowing stories of the campesino experience led me to seek out more information about hobo culture and its decline by the turn of the Great Depression.”