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Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 10/01/15 07:24:53 AM
Address: 500 West 52nd street
New York, NY    10019

Phone: 212. 695. 6134
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C, E to 50th street

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A Single Act  | Open: 10/14/15 Close: 10/17/15
A Single Act is an examination of modern intimacy and communication. It follows the lives of two couples, with one story moving forward in time and the other tracing back to its beginning. Central to this play is the theme of violence and the different ways in which people respond to, and recover from, a violent act.

In the opening of the play we find Scott and Michelle, whose relationship has crumbled under the destructive weight of domestic abuse. We then jump back in time to one year before when Neil and Clea return home after surviving an unspecified but devastating terrorist attack on their city. The two stories are linked thematically and depict four very different, but equally human, reactions to violence. The play not only touches on the post-9/11 reality, but on the silent epidemic of domestic violence that is ravaging our society.
About the Company: SWAG Theatre Company
SWAG Theatre Company is dedicated o promoting the work of Australian playwrights while exploring contemporary social and political issues with generous, informed theatre artists. Through the unique lens of Australian writing we hope to bridge the gap between perception and reality with regard to the Australian identity, as well as open up a dialogue for the re-examination of contemporary issues both locally and internationally. We are committed to producing honest, provocative theatre with heart and generosity of spirit in order to communicate the complexity of our experience.