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Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 09/17/15 05:30:29 PM
Address: 246 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY    11211

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Located off the Lorimer L, Lorimer J and Broadway G trains

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OUT OF THE ASH  | Open: 09/24/15 Close: 10/03/15
Devised from the writings of Sylvia Plath and performed by a dynamic all-female cast, Out of the Ash is an immerisve, multi-media theater experience that welcomes you into The House of Esther, where 5 women are dually dipped in ancient mythology and modern-day domesticity. The audience is invited to follow the women of the house through different rooms, witnessing their lives (present & past) along the way, interlaced throughout with a cocktail hour, horderves and a celebratory dinner party.

The piece explores themes of gender norms, personal identity in society, death, mythologizing oneself and immortality. It’s a celebration and tribute to Plath’s beautiful, evocative words.