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Address: 225 East Houston Street
New York, NY    10010

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JARRING  | Open: 04/24/15 Close: 05/17/15
Mason Holdings, a company dedicated to preservation of all kinds, will present Jarring, the first in a series of stories – “The Almost Lost” - that concern the lives (and deaths) of the unrecognized, unseen, unknown and unsung. Written and performed by Tracy Weller and directed by Kristjan Thor, this existential piece will be presented at 225 East Houston Street (@ Essex Street).  Performances will begin on Saturday, April 25th. Opening Night is set for Wednesday, April 29th at 8pm. Performances will continue through May 17th.

In Mason Holdings’ Jarring, we descend a rickety ladder to a tiny forgotten world filled with hundreds of Mason jars.  The ladder may crack, but as you fall consider the view: is this a fallout shelter or a prison?  Or, is it an ingenuous haven for a misplaced, delicate soul?  Is the purpose of this place punishment or shelter?  Or, is this a chrysalis? Jarring offers an unlikely survival guide to the darkest mental terrain. 

About the Company: Mason Holdings

Mason Holdings is a company dedicated to preservation of all kinds. We catch and preserve stories, people, places and moments and ideas – before they vanish into oblivion.