Fourth Universalist Society of NYC

Todays Date: 12/15/19
Last Update: 03/17/15 06:41:17 PM
Address: 160 Central Park West
New York, NY    10023

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Take B or C Train to 81st Street-Museum of Natural History

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4TH UVDAY PRESENTS EVE ENSLER'S MUSICAL  | Open: 03/27/15 Close: 03/28/15
"Emotional Creature" is a MUSICAL about the thoughts, struggles, and triumphs of girls around the world. From deciding on the right kind of boots to deciding how to escape being sold into sex trafficking, girls around the world face very different situations while trying to survive as a girl and what that means today.

"Women's Voices" is the prelude performance of different female playwrights works on women issues, performed by an ensemble of actresses.