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Todays Date: 06/26/22
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Address: Douglass between Nevins & 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY    11217

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Buzz  | Open: 10/18/14 Close: 11/22/14
The US premiere of BUZZ by Benjamin Kunkel (n+1 co-founder and best-selling author), directed by Lian Walden.

BUZZ follows the efforts of a pregnant woman and her playwright boyfriend to rid their apartment of the flies infesting the outside world. Funny and harrowing, it's a fast-paced story of love and art in a time of global warming. This site-specific production is set in a Gowanus Brooklyn loft.

"It's like human is the new dinosaur."

"Won't they need art, in the future? Maybe they'll have forgotten how to mix oil paints, they've forgotten musical notation, nobody's even heard of digital video. But maybe it occurs to them you could put a few people—person like you, person like me—in front of a larger group of people, and they could speak."

BUZZ premiered in Buenos Aires in 2011. A revised version of the play was published by n+1, and an excerpt appeared in Harper's in July 2014.

Cast: Katie Fissore (College Girl), Trevor Kluckman (Tom), Jeri Silverman (Sasha), Gianmarco Soresi (Dan) & Natalie Walker (Melanie)

Produced by Lanie Zipoy
Scenic/Lighting/Projection Design by Christopher Ash
Costume Design by Seth Bodie
Sound Design by Steve Brush
Assistant Scenic Design by Marthe Hoffmann