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Todays Date: 06/29/22
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NY, NY   

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Any Size Mirror is a Dictator  | Open: 10/19/14 Close: 10/19/14
Any Size Mirror is a Dictator is 156 hours of new music and text entwined with task-based choreography. Transposing ideation directly into performance as learning processes, decision-making procedures, and theory-to-form actualizations, Any Size Mirror is a Dictator is a structure about structures. The work is accompanied by a Book containing scores, systems, and notes.

The space is de-hierarchized; audiences are free to come and go and to roam the gallery over the course of each 6-hour performance. Two teams of performers work towards construction of each live performance. The first team, a “rehearsive” cast of performers, uses the opera Book, 41+ fragments and memorized choreographic tasks, text, and through-written music. The performance of this material is an object comprising many smaller objects and attempts to close itself aesthetically around nothing but itself, becoming “Totally Relational Art” in its dedicated attempts to “accurately reflect” auto poetic cultural components, including definably cause-and-effect (Totally Relational) relationships between bodies, objects, perceived contextual frames, and concepts as scores for best practices. The second team, a “recursive” cast, refracts the material of the first team's rehearsed opera through a lens of analysis, explication, and contextualization derived from their own enculturated methodologies.