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Todays Date: 06/30/22
Last Update: 12/11/18 07:43:41 PM
Address: 154 Christopher Street
New York, NY    10003

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UP CLOSE FESTIVAL  | Open: 12/20/18 Close: 12/31/18

New Ohio Theatre’s Theatre for Young Minds presents the inaugural (and first-ever-of-its-kind) UP CLOSE Festivalan immersive theater festival for the entire family, inspired by the community organizing legacy of Jane Jacobs. The event – held at the venue's underground theatre, located in a landmark building that once housed the National Archives Record Center –  brings together leading NYC experimental theatre artists, musicians, physical comedians and clowns for two programs, each consisting of an interactive pre-show and four short stories that bring Greenwich Village history to life.  Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Curated and co-directed by Peter Musante and Summer Shapiro, the festival features Trusty Sidekick Theater Company; Bated Breath Theatre Company; Lauren Sharpe; Marisol Rosa-Shapiro; Jono Waldman; Christina D. Eskridge; Peter Musante, and is hosted by Summer Shapiro.

AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH TYPHOID MARY  | Open: 03/18/16 Close: 03/26/16
An Intimate Evening with Typhoid Mary  is inspired by Carl Holder’s fascination with the notorious disease-spreading cook Mary “Typhoid” Mallon, his interest in complicated life stories of drag queen performers, and a personal experience of surviving a life-threatening illness. In his last moments at a mysterious hospital ward, a man enacts the story of his life with Typhoid Mary as his muse. He gives us the show of his life and literally every last thing he has, while the parade of nurses and doctors makes the audience aware that his great performance is happening only in his imagination.


An Intimate Evening with Typhoid Mary was developed, in part, as part of Ice Factory 2015, a program of New Ohio Theatre, and marks Glass Bandits’ first collaboration with the director Knud Adams. Knud joined forces with the ensemble for the Ice Factory presentation, which was an audience favorite, and is returning to lead the revised production in its world premiere at the New Ohio. “I've never had a more thrilling dialogue with any director. Knud possesses a laser sharp focus and keen ability to see what a piece is actually trying to get across. He is deeply insightful, sensitive, and tasteful without ever the risk of being safe or boring.” – says Carl Holden about their collaboration. The result, in director Knud Adams’ words, “made the production less about staging the patient's cabaret fantasy and more about grounding the character in the realities of the grim hospital and witnessing his attempts to finish writing his final work of art against incredible mental and physical obstacles.”



The show is produced by Glass Bandits and performed by Ephraim Birney, Carl Holder, Justin Kuritzkes, Molly McAdoo, and Sofiya Cheyenne Perez. The production features set design and props by James Ortiz, lighting by Oona Curley, costumes by Andrea Hood, and sound design by Peter Mills Weiss.

About the Company: Glass Bandits Theater Company

Glass Bandits Theater Company develops and produces new work for the theater.  They are interested in unusual, thrilling stories told in ways that boldly question existing theatrical forms.  They embrace collaborative, experimental creation with an emphasis on the working process of multidisciplinary theater artists.  Within both the development and presentation of their material, they strive for an inclusive environment that builds community between artists and audiences.

THE INCREDIBLE FOX SISTERS Staged Reading  | Open: 03/30/14 Close: 03/30/14
Live Source presents a staged reading of our new work
a seance at The New Ohio

by Jaclyn Backhaus
directed by Tyler Mercer
sound by Eben Hoffer

featuring John Champion, Alex Daly, Katrina Day, Emily Drew, Adelina Feldman-Schultz, Clem McIntosh, Jenna Pastuszek, Michelle Persoff, Daniel Patrick Smith, Aristotle Stamat, Sophia Treanor, Dylan Wittrock and Marie Zoumanigui

Sunday, March 30th @ 1:00PM

The Fox sisters have a dirty secret they're ready to share. They've been talking to the town peddler, Mr. Splitfoot... who's been murdered, dead and buried for five years. His dearly departed soul is haunting his old home in Hydesville, New York, where the girls now live. Don't you believe them?

You are cordially invited to an evening with Leah, Maggie, Kate, and the devil. Join the seance and witness for yourself the spiritual powers of The Incredible Fox Sisters.