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Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 03/15/14 02:44:48 PM
Address: Gowanus
Brooklyn, NY    11215

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After The Dance  | Open: 04/24/14 Close: 04/27/14
This new immersive production of the British classic play will be an evening you will never forget. Set at the home of a high living, hard drinking wealthy Brooklynite, After The Dance will take you on a journey of one man's fall from grace as he grapples with a life so heavy with irony that it is empty of any substance. Follow the characters via live video feeds and active participation, and witness the debauchery and tragedy unfolding throughout the night. Part party, part play, this will be an evening of dancing, live music, sarcasm, custom cocktails, and Rattigans' prescient text. Too dark for the time it was originally written, we bring you this classic like you never seen it before.