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ThanksKilling The Muscial  | Open: 04/29/14 Close: 05/04/14
"Gobble gobble, motherf**ker!" To anyone who's seen the unabashedly crass and offensive horror-comedy cult hit THANKSKILLING, those words should be familiar. For anyone who hasn't seen the B-movie bonanza -- in which a filth-spouting, misogynistic, possessed, psychopathic turkey goes on a killing spree -- that catch phrase should provide a barometer as the the type of entertainment on offer here. Throw some ridiculous songs into the mix and you have the deliriously offbeat stage comedy: THANKSKILLING THE MUSICAL.

Music and lyrics by Jeff Thomson and Jordan Mann
Based on the motion picture THANKSKILLING by Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart

Produced and directed by David Eck in association with Ashley Kate Adams (AKA Studio Productions)

THANKSKILLING THE MUSICAL is part of the 2014 Festival of the Offensive. The Festival of the Offensive (F-OFF) is dedicated to showcasing live performances that otherwise might not be produced because the establishment doesn't have the balls to produce them. Long live Lenny Bruce! F-OFF, founded by Jacquetta Szathmari, is a Big Guns Big Tobacco Production. For more information please visit


Swipe This: My Life In Transit  | Open: 04/30/14 Close: 05/01/14
As a Token Booth Clerk for New York City's largest transportation system, Joanna Briley is desperately fighting for her freedom. Her "job" at the M.T.A. has become her prison cell. She is used to living her entire life confined to societal norms mediated by religious dogma and childhood traumas. Being locked up for 8hrs a day inside a "token booth" has created a self-imposed barrier that has spilled over to her personal life. Single, celibate, and financially unstable, Joanna must unlock the door and walk outside toward the liberation she craves.

Written by Joanna Briley
Directed by Carole Montgomery