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Robert Lee Johnson presents The No Props Series  | Open: 05/16/14 Close: 05/16/14
The "No Prop Series" is a series of performing arts acts, that requires absolutley "No Props"; as the audience focsus solely on the skills of the artist. The 'No Props Series" adrreses our social conscious issues such as;poverty,gang violence,H.I.V awareness,mental illness, susbstance abuse and many more. We believe in pushing the envelope, with an "in your face approach", for we are "cutting edge". Our premeir features two outstanding (One Act) plays written by our founder/writer/director Mr. Robert Lee Johnson. "Urban Voices In The Dark" (the struggle of a single mom trying to keep her girls from being exploited for their gifts (dance/drama/singing).Also premeiring is "That Word" (addressing the taboo word "Nigger". This is evening is a must to experience.