Pine Box Rock Shop

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 02/24/14 10:01:58 PM
Address: 12 Grattan Street
Brooklyn, NY    11206

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Slashes to Ashes: Two One-acts on Lovers Turned Lethal  | Open: 03/21/14 Close: 03/23/14
Seal the oven and hide the kitchen knives! Domesticity turns deadly in these two one-act plays presented by BABE, Brooklyn's All-Bush Ensemble. Join us at Pine Box Rock Shop for three nights of spontaneous combustion, aura cleansing and your worst online dating nightmare.


"Who's Afraid of Who?"
An original play by Libby Landauer and Liz Bowen
Starring Brynn Holland, Libby Landauer, Di Ba, Melanie Schnitzlein and Liz Bowen
A group of longtime friends are in for more than small talk when a mysterious new love interest comes to visit. Tequila shots and twisted pasts collide in this black comedy for the OkCupid age.

By Lynn Nottage
Starring Katie Kopajtic and Brittany Zaken
When a housewife comes to the end of her rope with her abusive husband, she doesn't expect him to spontaneously combust. Now she has a pile of ashes on the floor, and a life to reclaim.