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Short Life Of Trouble  | Open: 06/05/14 Close: 06/21/14
Short Life of Trouble is a new play with songs featuring original text, text by William Shakespeare and William Faulkner, and the regional music of the South performed live by the ensemble. Inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, Southern Gothic literature, and bluegrass and gospel music, it explores the human understanding of mortality, the influence of religious faith, and the tangled complexities of family bonds through the lens of the 1930's American South. With a high theatricality, haunting melodies, and an earthy, visceral approach to language, the play floats freely through time and every characters' innermost thoughts.


Sunday On The Rocks  | Open: 04/09/14 Close: 04/12/14
Four girls living together in Massachusetts in the mid 90s are struggling to make sense of their lives and the world around them. Three of the girls begin to drink scotch after they find out one of them is pregnant. The fourth housemate is off at church with her boyfriend. She doesn't approve of drinking in the morning and chaos breaks lose when she returns home to find her house and the girls in complete disarray.
With Bridget Araujo, Paige Betts, Katelin Dickson, and Shanna Sartori


Semicolon Theatre Company, a brand new collective of young theatre artists under 21, is proud to present its first evenings of staged readings!

Very Bad Words by Jacob Presson, 21

Directed by Miranda Cornell

Featuring: Aleksa Kurbalija, Coleman Annison, and Miranda Fayne

"Very Bad Words" tells the story of three hyper intelligent, affluent, foul-mouthed kids in their final months of high school. Their families raised them to be "winners" who must succeed at all cost, not to be empathetic team players. All three have big plans to make it to the top of the corporate world. The play becomes a hellish nightmare that forces them to confront the gap between who they thought they were and who they really are.

The Road Trip by Emily Sheera Cutler, 19

Directed by Miranda Cornell

Featuring: Anna Robinson and Carly Siege

Unsatisfied with their lives, friends Kim and Julie drive away from their high school in search of adventure. On the road the two girls discover themselves and each other as road games turn into an unexpected insight into their lives. Jump in the back seat and follow these two girls as they put their friendship on drive.