13th Street Repertory Theater

Todays Date: 10/20/19
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Address: 50 West 13th Street
New York, NY    10011

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Family Business  | Open: 11/07/19 Close: 11/10/19
Jackie Rhymes really wants her first meeting with her future in-laws to go well, but... things are complicated when you're a cat burglar marrying a cop. The situation gets tougher when her estranged hitman father shows up to ask for a favor.

This raucous farce set in 1945's Manhattan is fun for the whole family!

Produced by Francesca Day and You Up? Productions

Directed by Amanda Murphy and Chris Matos.

Art by Stefania Zimmerman.


Joshua Murphy

Sam Kellman

Brian Morris

Ashley LaCambria

Kelly Erikson

Diane Harrington