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Music Hall  | Open: 05/13/14 Close: 05/17/14
International director Roxane Revon will direct the New York City premiere of Jean-Luc Lagarce’s poetic and musical play Music Hall for a limited run this May 13 - 17 at Roy Arias Studios, located in the heart of New York’s theater district. Presented in the original French text with English supertitles, this play is a convergence of Parisian romanticism and New York jazz.

Diffractions Theatre is proud to produce this play, following four other highly successful productions, including the 2013 revival of Sartre’s Huis Clos/No Exit. As part of Wired Arts Fest, No Exit was streamed live to over 50,000 online viewers worldwide. Continuing to embrace this global spirit, Diffractions Theatre’s production of Music Hall features an international cast: American actress Jackie Sanders*, French actor François Baron and Italian actor Jacopo Rampini.

Music Hall is the story of every actor who has dreamed of Broadway success and the glamorous life of the stage. Lagarce’s Girl and her Boys, vagabonds of theater, search steadfastly for the chimerical glitter and glory of Josephine Baker and the star power she embodies. Through Lagarce’s lyrical text, audiences are invited into the most intimate hopes and fears of these three artists and offered a glimpse into their most poignant triumphs and tragedies.

For Revon, Music Hall is an opportunity to explore the universal artistic struggle and to celebrate the expressive vitality of theater. Revon states,"Every one of us has felt as lonely and powerful as Lagarce's Girl. Showing this play on Broadway is, in a way, paying tribute to all the actors who work so hard, not only to entertain, but also to make us feel alive."

Director: Roxane Revon, Producer: Brice Baillé, Assistant director: Alix Becu, Choregrapher: Michelle Bruckner*, Visual Artist: Vanessa da Gema, Light Designer: Lauren Bremen, Photography/Video: Vanessa Teran Collantes, Translators: Nathalie Bryant, Samantha Grassian, Original Music Composed by: Bill Hayes, Musical Adaptation: Florent Canepa

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Equity approved Showcase.

About the Company: Diffractions Theatre

Diffractions is a Theatre Collective created by French and American actors and directors living between Paris and New York City. Its goal is to produce plays based on cultural exchanges between French-speaking countries and the US, by presenting classic plays in French as well as contemporary Francophone authors in English on the NY scene.