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Unforgettables: Portraits of Korean Diving Woman and Hasidic Rebels is a shared screening of work by video artists Barbara Hammer and Maya Ciarrocchi.

Diving Women of Jejudo, 30 min., Color/Sound, 2007 by Barbara Hammer In Korean with English Subtitles

Jeju-do is the largest of Korean islands and lies between Korea and Japan. There, for hundreds of years, women dive without breathing apparatus to the ocean floor and collect shellfish, octopus, and urchins that they sell. This ancient woman's tradition is about to die. Filmmaker Barbara Hammer dives with the women and records the reasons behind their disappearing work and lifestyles.

Frei, 25 min, Color/Sound, 2013 by Maya Ciarrocchi

Frei focuses on six individuals who left the ultra-Orthodox enclaves they were raised in to enter secular life. The men and women in this film have been living outside the community for many years, yet whether it is their pronounced accent or the keeping of ritual custom, traces of their former selves lie just below the surface. Frei allows the viewer to witness a world that exists within contemporary society yet remains removed from it, ultimately asking viewers to consider the artificiality of their assumptions about communities, individuals, and religious identity.

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