Pumps Bar

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 01/24/14 04:32:18 PM

Address: 1090 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY    11211

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Join the Pumps Pinups at Pumps Bar as we celebrate Valentines Day, with an army of beautiful ladies, handsome gents, and even a queen or 2...who will dance, sing, and knock your socks off!
Directed by Scarlett la Rosa, hosted by the ever so talented Joey Nova and Rocket Ships, we will feature performances by...

Spank Sinatra
Bianca Dagga
Ariel Wolf
Sophie Von Z
Ivy Nyx
Alisa Calypso
Sonny de la Vega
Sinister ShabZZZ
Lady Von Winehouse
Carlotta Boombatta

with special guests...
recording artist Reina Williams
and Supermodel of the Underworld, drag queen Heidi Glum!

you dont wanna miss this!