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reLIEing on Family SPRING RUN!  | Open: 05/09/14 Close: 05/10/14
"reLIEing on Family" centers around the multi-racial Johnson Family, who come together for the Thanksgiving Holiday in 2007. They have not all been under the same roof since the head of household Anthony Johnson died in 2004. Each of the family members has a unique personality and conflict which when put together, creates a dynamic atmosphere of drama but also dives deeper into topics such as infidelity, substance abuse, love, loss and more.

The show will be returning for three performances on May 9th (7pm) and May 10th (2pm & 7pm). For those who saw the first run, there will be some noticeable changes!

"reLIEing on Family" ran February 28th & March 1st for three performances, receiving rave reviews from patrons!

Below are some reviews submitted by patrons from the Winter Run!

"...The diverse characters imagined by Mr. Graham were in turn, funny, charming, angry, selfish, caring - a group of complicated human beings portrayed with grace and poise by a wonderful group of actors who played off of each other with obvious respect for their material and each other. They were brought beautifully to life through the words, thoughts and heart of this playwright and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future. Bravo to an engaging, engrossing perfect night at the theater."- Jeanne Spellman

"It was my absolute pleasure. The show was amazing and really evoked emotions. It was really awe inspiring"- Jasen Cook


Linda Brown as Deidre Johnson
Marcus Lee Graham as Andrew Johnson
Naomi Taylor as Senator Elect Lisa Bennett-Johnson
Julio C. Toledo as Brandon Johnson
Amanda Treppa as Shayna Johnson
Bryan Salazar as Ethan Rhodes
Teddy Kalin as Henry Edwards
Anna Hudson as Francis White
Jonathan Cruz as Kevin Foster


Marcus Graham- Writer & Director
Jonathan Cruz- Assistant Director
Joshua Hunter- Executive Producer
Cillas Chiarentin- Stage Manager/Lights & Sound
Blazer Gnar & Carlos Avita- Stagehands
Michael Moore- Box Office Supervisor
Katrina Cheung- Marketing


The Dream  | Open: 03/25/14 Close: 03/30/14
Shakespeare #Reinvented.

THE DREAM is an original Weaving of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo & Juliet. Combining these two plays allows familiar characters, themes and stories to reflect and affect each other.

Join the Reinvention.

March 25-29 at 8PM
March 29-30 at 2PM

The Grand Theater
at The Producers' Club
358 W 44th Street

The DREAM TEAM: Nat Angstrom, Meghan Blakeman, Matthew Castleman, Sean Driscoll, Sean Lounsbury, Ariel Marcus, Emily Philio, Joann Sacco, Corey Whelihan, Caitlin White.

Adapted & Directed by: Caitlin White & Nat Angstrom

Production Stage Manager: Kevin James Hollenbeck


THEY CALL ME Q! an award-winning one woman play  | Open: 01/24/14 Close: 01/24/14
SAPNA NYC presents
a solo play written and performed by Qurrat Ann Kadwani
Directed by Obaid Kadwani and Claudia Gaspar
Developed with Ellery Schaar
60 minutes..13 characters..1 actress


WINNER! Best Actress | Best Play | They Call Me Q!

A must see! Proclaimed "A Theatrical Force" by the Orlando Weekly for her uncanny embodiment of 13(!) characters, award-winning actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani searches for identity in They Call Me Q! an autobiographical one-woman show. This emotionally affecting tour-de-force is fueled by her remarkable ear for vocal mimicry. A coming of age tale that entertains with tremendous humor and compelling emotion. Best Play Award Winner 2013 Maui Fringe Festival. Best Actress Award Winner 2012 VTG Harvest Festival.

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"A jazzy gem, ranks with the monodramas of John Leguizamo, Spalding Gray, Camryn Manheim.."

"This one woman play is a veritable house on fire. This show succeeds because you sense truth hovers behind every joke, anecdote, painful memory, old family recipe and her own American dream."

"A solo show is always tough to pull off. A solo show that traces the evolution of a multicultural identity from birth to adulthood? That's a gargantuan task. And yet, it's the one Qurrat Ann Kadwani has boldly set herself in the first play she has written, and it's a testament to her poise and charisma as an actress that she pulls it off competently. A nimble, polished production."

"In some rare cases, the decision to share tales of one's past can give the audience a theatrical experience that it will remember far after the last show. They Call Me Q! is one of those shows." Broadway World DC

"Witty, polished and inspiringa confident, charismatic performer who delivers poignant moments as well as laughs." Montreal Gazette

Audiences have said "They Call Me Q!" is "simply perfection" "truly enlightening", "amazingly honest", "a beautiful work of art" and much more!

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