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Todays Date: 09/29/22
Last Update: 01/20/14 02:43:00 PM
Address: 300 W 43 rd ST. #403
New York, NY    10036

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Silence...  | Open: 05/05/12 Close: 05/05/12
The life of an Armenian couple, expecting the birth of their second child is disrupted as Ottoman Turkey enters WW1 alongside Germany and plans the extermination of the Armenian people thus committing the first Genocide of 20th Century. This is the story of one tormented women in an agonizing search for her son. silence



The Limbaugh Lovers Song Book  | Open: 04/20/12 Close: 04/22/12
America, let your ticket be counted! Come see Rush Limbaugh have a nervous breakdown and turn into a liberal. The only show in town that gives you the choice of a styrofoam tomato to throw at the this right wing zero or a Limbaugh cigar to toss to your right on hero! Whether you love to hate him or hate to love him The Limbaugh Lovers Songbook, a one man multi media musical starring Wayne Lammers, Grammy nominated writer for the Al Franken Show. "Lammers and Levin are our Resident Gilbert and Sullivans"- Al Franken. "Every line is a masterpiece"-Jackie Mason.