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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 315 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY    11231

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Up For Anything  | Open: 03/22/14 Close: 03/22/14
Walter Dabney has just taken a little green pill and now instead of enjoying a manageable affair he's having the hardest day of his life.

The Village Voice calls Spitz's plays, "...hysterically funny..."

Join us for the inaugural production by The Red Hook Glass Bottom Dramatical Players featuring your favorite Red Hook locals - Ben, Jen, Geoff, Francis, Art, William, Bob, Reg, Maddie, Tracy, Barry, and Paul.

Don't miss it! Only THREE shows!

Please note that while this play is a comedy it contains mature content, including naughty language and overtly implied sex acts. This play is not appropriate for children.