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BOHEMIAN LIGHTS Workshop Production at Pregones Theater  | Open: 01/11/14 Close: 01/12/14
BOHEMIAN LIGHTS is the story of Max Estrella, a blind poet, on the last night of his life. In the streets of Madrid, the city is self-destructing, the country on the verge of revolution. It is a cold November, 1975. Through a groundbreaking integration of film with live theatre, BOHEMIAN LIGHTS unravels a dark whirlwind satire of political Spain and her starving artists. This production represents the world premiere of a new adaptation of Ramón Valle-Inclán's masterwork Luces de Bohemia, the English-language U.S. premiere, and only the second ever U.S. production in any capacity.

after Ramón Valle-Inclán's Luces de Bohemia
adapted by Live Source with Fernando Gonzalez

with Andrew Bridges, Kate DaRocha, Lori Felipe-Barkin, Jose Mercado, Kevin Michael Murphy & Dylan Wittrock

Director: Tyler Mercer
Choreographer: José Rivera Jr.
Set: Alan Brincks & Tyler Mercer
Costumes: Michelle Persoff
Lights: Joanna Emmott
Sound: Shawn Durbin
Additional Music: Neil Quillen
Video: Mark Costello
Dramaturgy: Fernando Gonzalez
Production Stage Manager: Alan Brincks
Film Cinematography: David Baloche
Additional Video: Quinlan Orear
Production Assistants: Addie Moreno & Molly Tellekson
Produced by Live Source

Additional Credits: The BOHEMIAN LIGHTS Film was also created with Veronica Avanic (assistant camera), Dan Crowley (dialogue mix), Georgia Johnson (assistant director), Jessie O'Hearn (costumes, hair & make-up) and Remy Saint Denis (producer). The cast featured Juan Cardenas, Casey Cowan-Barnes, Chris Dieman, Emily Drew, Fernando Gonzalez, Audrey Hayner, Tracy Hazas, Jacob Heimer, Inma Heredia, Goran Ivanovski, Ryan Jennifer, Zach Kleinsmith, Christian Leadley, Daniel Levitt, Caitlin Mileon, Adam C. Reid and Gonzalo Trigueros.

Special Thanks to Alvan Colón-Lespier, Rosalba Rolón, Jorge Merced, Pregones staff, Íñigo Ramírez de Haro, Águeda Sanfiz, Alba Parejo, Alberto Merlo, Rene Buch, Jorge Ortoll & Ma-Yi Theater Company, Josh Quat, Amanda Roberge, Cody Verbage and Gianfranco Settecasi.