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THE COMEDIAN'S TRAGEDY  | Open: 06/21/19 Close: 07/06/19
423 BCE.  The Gods are hungry.  The greatest city of her age, Athens has fallen: wracked with plague, war, drink, lust, gods, demons, and a dark fog of nihilism eating away at her light. Censored and labeled a pervert for standing up to the state, a young Aristophanes passes his nights in a haze of booze and sex, spitting into the face of tomorrow with the courage of the damned. When the unlikeliest of heroes emerges, can a guilty, drunken soul become Orpheus and sing life back into the ashes?  An edgy supernatural love story costumed in the present but taking place in Ancient Athens’ hedonistic height, The Comedian’s Tragedy is a rollercoaster of violence, love, revenge, low comedy and high ideas. Imagine a play that brings together the best heat, the fire of American Acting, marries it to the icy clarity of Classical Tragedy, and out of the steam of that collision tells a new story of the place we all began. When there’s no tomorrow, what are you doing tonight?

Bill McCallum directs a cast of eleven performers with credits spanning Broadway, Off-Broadway, television and high-profile regional theaters, including Matthew Amendt* (Bway: Bernhardt/Hamlet; Off-Bway: Julius Ceaser/TFANA), Sarah Baskin* (TV: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”; NY: Urban Stages, Roundabout, 59E59; Regional: Portland Center Stage, A.R.T.), Stephen D’Ambrose* (Bway Tour: August: Osage County; Regional: The Guthrie, The Old Globe, Arizona Theater Co., Folger Shakespeare, St. Louis Rep.), Truett Felt* (NY: Bedlam; Regional: Oregon Shakespeare Fest.), Gary Lowery* (NY: Second Stage, Playwrights Horizons; TV: “Law & Order;” Regional: Guthrie, Tennessee Rep., San Diego Rep.), Ron Menzel* (Bway: Les Liaisons Dangereuse, The Parisian Woman), Galen Molk (Off-B’way: Julius Ceaser, King John; Regional: Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Julian Remulla* (NY: Julius Ceaser/TFANA; Regional: Oregon Shakespeare Fest.), Derek Smith* (Bway: Lion King; NY: Red Bull; Regional: Shakespeare Theater Co.), Anna Sundberg* (Regional: Great River Shakespeare, Virginia Stage, Guthrie Theater), and Asma Thabet (TV: National Tunisian TV). *Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. AEA Showcase.

"hope" One Man, One Show  | Open: 05/17/14 Close: 05/17/14
"Hope" One Man, One Show written and performed by Jerry Ford, directed by Turron Kofi Alleyne is a gripping coming of age drama, set in Detroit, MI, that tells the true story of Jerry Ford between the ages of 14 to 17, as he deals with the tragic deaths of his older brother and best friend and finds himself choosing between a life of crime or pursing his dream of becoming an actor. In 75 minutes, Ford tells a story filled with humor, inspiration, martial arts and amazing discipline, with lights and audio cues, and Ford's strong acting abilities you often forget you are watching one man on stage. It's a performance not to be missed.

In little more than an hour, Ford captures your attention and mind, morphing into a variety of characters to tell the riveting story of his battle for success, on and off the streets. As a young adult, growing up in the cold streets of Detroit, MI, he witnesses the murders of those closest to him, sending him to perilous lows as he finds himself in jail. Ford finds a way to push through the darkness and find an internal fire and will to succeed against all odds, with the discipline gained from a world-class martial arts education. It’s a magnificent story told with humor and perseverance, about finding yourself and your will to succeed. The story has something for everyone. 

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Horrible Children presents Life is a Dream  | Open: 02/21/14 Close: 03/09/14
After Seven years of bringing Avant Garde performance events to Atlanta, Horrible Children comes to New York to present an exciting new take on Calderon's Classic drama. Drawing inspiration from the films of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar, this modern surrealist production tells the story of a man imprisoned his entire life who is suddenly placed on the throne and made king. Will he be able to overcome his animal urges, or will he be imprisoned once again to wonder if it was all a dream.

Featuring Alenka Kraigher (Idiot Savant/Old Fashioned Prostitutes), Chris Ogren, Elizabeth Keuhl, Lois Z, Jeremy Rafal, John E. Simms, Justina Adorno, Monique Huff, Jessica Ranville, Janice Amano, Sheila Romo

Directed by Michael Harrison
Set Design by Nikolay Sviridchik
Costumes by Aaron Crosby
Lighting and Sound Design by Colin Pearce


Do This One Thing for Me  | Open: 01/15/14 Close: 01/19/14
Her father lost almost everything in the final hours of World War II. Fifty years later, he just wants to dance with his daughter at her wedding. Not too much to ask, right?

Written and performed by Jane Elias
Directed by Tracy Bersley