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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 380 Broadway
New York, NY    10013

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The Access Theatre Gallery is located at 380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, near Canal Street on the N, Q, R, 6, J, A, C, & E lines.

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Civilized people are their own worst enemies. In this acerbically witty, sometimes jaded, yet always hopeful new play based on Chekhov's 'Three Sisters', nine actors explore the thrills, anguish and utter ridiculousness of every day life and relationships.

A new devised piece created by members of Shrunken Shakespeare Company; "What We Know" is an exploration in the beautiful and sometimes harsh complexity of human relationships and the parallels between Chekhov's society and our own. The ensemble has created an all new script and original music, incorporating their own experiences and personalities to build a uniquely personal theatrical experience.

Cast: Jennifer Allcott, Eric Chase, Yvonne Cone, Robert Davenport, Sara Dobrinich, Kelsey Kurz, Matthew MacNelly, Jennifer Martina & Michael Moreno

About the Company: Shrunken Shakespeare Company

"We, the Shrunken Shakespeare Company, have a clear yet convoluted purpose. It is our mission to take a classical theatre piece, (primarily Shakespeare) and shorten it, devise it, turn it over, scramble it up, and throw it in the air. Then, we put it on the stage in a way that you've never thought of.

Shrunken Shakespeare Company's goal is to create ensemble driven Classical Plays that are relatable to a younger modern audience and incorporate many types of performance, while still staying true to the text. It is our mission to take Classical Plays, reduce them to edited hour and a half to two hour versions, and perform them in environments that affect every aspect of the production. Thus, each play chosen will depend on the space it is being performed in. From that point on the play will be dependent on that environment; everything from costumes and lighting to casting requirements, music and dance requirements, the concept of the show, and maybe even what type of drinks are served! "

If On A Winter's Night...  | Open: 12/05/13 Close: 12/08/13
If on a Winter’s Night…, Everyday Inferno’s inaugural winter production of one-act plays directed by women, will play a week-long engagement from December 5th through December 8th, 2013 at the Access Theatre Gallery (380 Broadway, NYC 10013).  The three plays featured in the evening are Jen Tries Vacation - written by G.D. Kimble (LaBute New Theatre Festival) and directed by AnaÑ—s Koivisto (Artistic Director, Everyday Inferno), People Will Talk About You Sometimes – written by Sarah Matusek and directed by Taylor Reynolds, and The Policy – written by A.C. DeLashmutt and directed by Katherine Sommer (Producing Director, Everyday Inferno).

Elements of fantasy unite the three plays in an evening devoted to bare-bones theatrical magic.  In G.D. Kimble’s Jen Tries Vacation, a yuppie couple has a magical encounter that tests their patience, their “liberal” values, and ultimately their sanity. Have they wandered to the wrong side of the universe, or just the wrong side of the tracks? In A.C. DeLashmutt’s The Policy, Jessie receives two odd and unexpected visitors with a very unusual product to sell. With her future psychic health on the line, she is forced to consider the inevitable after-effects of weight gain, friendship-ending fights, and circus-seal-training reality show contests. Sarah Matusek’s People Will Talk About You Sometimes, inspired by Sarah Kane’s 4:48 Psychosis, follows a loose network of inter-connected strangers as they come together in a show of support after a mutual friend’s unexpected attempt at suicide. Unbound by limitations of time or space, the play explores the emotional terrain of illness, acceptance, and recovery. 

About the Company: Everyday Inferno Theatre Company

Everyday Inferno is devoted to creating adventurous theatrical productions of both new and classic texts. We seek to exceed the conventional limitations of low-budget theatre by exploring nontraditional spaces, stagecraft, and storytelling. We are committed to developing a diverse audience by producing work that is large in scope while keeping our production costs (and ticket prices) at a minimum.