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Click Chamber  | Open: 04/28/14 Close: 05/03/14
Ribbon Candy is a potent drug, perverting the streets, and being the demon of choice. Crime waits for no man, and the learning curve is overshot as soon as you step foot on the road. These are stories from 3 AM, on a muggy, rainy night. Steam billows from sewer hatches while you've got gin on your breath, and an empty wallet from being crushed in pool.

Then you stumble onto a dealer, and he says you can fly over the rainbow...but take the purple pill. Purple is by far the best.

Six characters will tell their stories, intertwined by something other than fate, and brought together by the most human and no longer human of conditions death and each other.

Starring in order of appearance:

Aaron Krygier - The Narrator
Peter Calieri - The Boss
Bryan Patrick Stoyle - Charlie (The Idiot)
Hilary Walker - The Daughter
Justin Karcher - The Poet
Lamont Bellsarios - Danny

Written by: Aaron Krygier & Justin Karcher
Directed by: Aaron Krygier

First put on as a workshop production in the summer of 2013 for the Buffalo, NY Infringement Festival under the banner of Theater Jugend, Click Chamber is now proud to be part of the 2014 Festival of the Offensive. The Festival of the Offensive (F-OFF) is dedicated to showcasing live performances that otherwise might not be produced because the establishment doesn't have the balls to produce them. Long live Lenny Bruce! F-OFF, founded by Jacquetta Szathmari, is a Big Guns Big Tobacco Production. For more information please visit