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she is not a comfortable thing  | Open: 10/24/13 Close: 10/26/13
In this evening-length work, Anneke Hansen's choreography contemplates the realities of female identity as it is performed on-stage and off in a quartet for female dancers. Hansen has been exploring how identity is processed in performance. What does an audience reflexively look to young white women to represent, to speak of and for? Which identities do they carry that are less immediately visible? What might be artistically significant about making them more visible and insisting on their multiplicity?

she is not a comfortable thing takes these concepts head on. The four dancers sweat, struggle, and concentrate. They are covetable and polite, thoughtful and bright. Things lurk beneath the surface, sometimes erupting and offering clarification or complication. These women stampede your vision with power and ferocious vulnerability, whip the space up with their movement, and wipe it down with their sweat-damp haunches before striding out on their own muscular legs.