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Blasted By Sarah Kane  | Open: 09/11/13 Close: 09/28/13
This Off-Off-Broadway production of Sarah Kane's Blasted is presented at the Duo Theater on 4th Street.

A lavish hotel room, an apocalyptic war raging outside, Ian and his ex-lover Cate struggle to reconstruct the fragments of a romantic connection they once shared. An intruder tests Ian's limits by exposing him to the torturous reality of wartime terror. Kane's controversial play ruptures preconceptions and pushes the limits of theater beyond its confines, forcing us to face our own humanity and consider how a devastating world of brutality can be caused by a mere idea, a moment of anger.

First performed at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London on 12 January 1995.

"Sarah Kane's first full-length play, Blasted, caused a media storm, making front-page headlines and outraging audiences with its depiction of rape, torture and violence in civil war."- RCT


Directed by Will Detlefsen.

Marie Botha, Jason de Beer, Logan George.
Photo: Corey Melton

*Scenes of violence and nudity, viewer discretion advised.