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Dragon's Egg Presents  | Open: 12/07/19 Close: 12/07/19
Dragon's Egg Presents

Presented by Marya Ursin of the Mystic Paper Beasts
Presented as a Curated Rental of The Performance Project @ University Settlement
Saturday, December 7 @ 1:30pm
Online Tickets: $15 General Admission ($20 at door)/$10 Seniors and Students($15 at door)
Cash only at door

Eight recent artists-in-residence at the Dragons Egg will present excerpts from work - solo/duet/group, that will range from song to dance theatre to comic improv to dramatic monologue. The themes will range from dreamscape to social justice; may be literary or may be audience generated; may be body focussed, stylized, deconstructed; may include vocal or instrumental performance. Performers: Brynne Billingsley, Clare Byrne, Lesley Farlow, Greyzone (Lindy Fines and co.), Ara Fitzgerald, Claire Porter, Jason Rabin, the Raving Jaynes (Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham), setGo (Shura Baryshnikov and dancers). Marya Ursin, executive director of the Egg, is thrilled to be presenting a sample of the fine work generated at the Dragons Egg.

For more information, visit: http://dragonseggstudio.org/

Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard
Featured: Sarah Konner and Shura Baryshnikov

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The Performance Project @ University Settlement:
Since 2007, The Performance Project has been offering local young artists and professional emerging artists opportunities to connect, create and publicly present new work. We support artists who are interested in how live art can heal, empower and activate. The artists we work with commit to organizational and creative practices that promote trust, imagination and power-sharing. Our incubator for the next generation of citizen artists is fueled by our distinct, yet connected, cohorts: the Artist-in-Residence Program, The Performance Project Fellowship Program for Early Emerging Artists, our Community Arts and Culture Councils for Public Housing Residents and our annual Performance-Making Intensive for Young Artists && Leaders. We also host other community programs and dynamic guest artists seeking an affordable and supportive opportunity to self-produce their work. To learn more about The Performance Project, please visit: www.universitysettlement.org
FB: @ThePerformanceProjectatUniversitySettlement
IG: @performanceproject_us


Voyage de Ouf by Sylvaine Hinglais is an inventive theatrical production with a mosaic of allegorical skits, each with its own color, humor and emotion. The music is live, original, and contemporary, evoking the magic of soaring dreams. 

The word OUF is French verlan (a cool Francophone slang) for the word FOU (crazy) that is pronounced backwards! 

Ouf are on the train. Ouf wait for a bus, a truck, a boat. Ouf walk straight ahead. They come from everywhere, without knowing where they are going. Ouf feel violence and the need for love intimately intertwined. Some sleep at a beach campsite, others at refugee camps. Some dream of a lost face, others of being able to eat. All hope to find a place in the sun. In the sun? But as the earth turns, the sun moves constantly. So, when do we get there? 

Performed in French with English titles.


About the Company: Concrete Timbre

Concrete Timbre is a composer-driven performance collective that creates interdisciplinary theatrical productions featuring live contemporary music. Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve to be a driving force in fostering opportunities for composers and theatrical creators to collaborate and nurture new talent (of any age) in our productions. We focus on sharing cultural perspectives through the exchange of artistic and historical ideas through high quality public performances that combine original music and texts, with elements of dance, imagery, and design. www.ConcreteTimbre.com